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(That would be Today's Required Reading). If you want to know what's going on in Iraq, go the source. bq. I can’t say it’s more normal than yesterday and it’s not worse too, but are we staying home? No……Are we seeing any fights in streets? No……... Also we meet people from Sadir city and Adhamiya city every day and they are attending their jobs, and not standing against coalition forces……. Also I hade a phone call from a relative in Basrah and he said its calm and the damn media is lying as usual. We even sent an employee to Basrah to take care of a container coming to Om Qasir by sea………….And I would like to tell you about the made we have in office and she is from Sadir city. Her brother was arrested the day before yesterday morning for wearing a black shirt and was suspected to be Mahdy army member. He was released yesterday and said that the coalition forces treated them well and been told to stay home and not to resist the coalition and to tell their neighbors and relatives to do so. So it was kind of an announcement for the people how to act. And she still comes to work every day. bq. I can feel the people of Sadir city uncomfortable with what Muqtada saying or doing, but they cant announce it for religion matters, (he is SAEED you know, and that’s mean he is a grand sun of prophet Mohamed so any one talk bad on him get cursed. Read the rest.


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In my humble opinion, they should mix up the different members of the militia. Breaking down bias and old bigotry within the ranks can be accomplished at the intelligent hand of a good DI, separating them from their old comrades, and making them make new ones.

Again, this is one person's perspective. Let's not whitewash the situation. I suggest reading riverbendblog.blogspot.com She's not a fan of Al-Sadr, but she tells a different tale, to be sure.