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The Jersey Girls Know ALL

From Cablenewser (which, by the way, is a great site): bq. .An Open Letter To Chris Matthews Mark writes an e-mail to Hardball@msnbc.com, and copies it to CableNewser: "My jaw dropped when I saw one of the carefully-chosen 9/11 widows say on your broadcast this afternoon that "we know" that John Ashcroft and Willie Brown were warned not to fly on 9/11. My jaw hit the floor when you just sat there and didn't challenge any of this...The Chris Matthews I used to watch daily and admired greatly would never have allowed this kind of bilge to go unchallenged. But your personal blind spot on this issue has destroyed your news judgment. Jaw dropping indeed. She knows? She knows? How does she know this, who is her source, and why isn't she being grilled by the 9/11 commission. I'd really like to see some other widows besides the four "Jersey Girls" being interviewed. They are everywhere. Where are the other widows, widowers, parents and children? Does anyone care to interview someone without an election agenda - and that goes both ways? How the hell can she go on tv and say she knows this and not have anyone question her about it? I'm not even saying it's a lie - I'm just saying if she's privilige to this information (I guess being a widow gets you all kinds of access to documents these days), she should stand up and say where she got her info from. It wouldn't matter anyhow. They would just have Veniste do the questioning. Because, you know. He's not partisan or anything.


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Poor Ted Olson.

He's only the measly Solicitor General for the Bush Administration. Apparently he was left out of the loop on the no-fly situation because he only lost his wife that day. Apparently you need to be the Attorney General or the Mayor of San Francisco to really be in the loop.

I am so with you on this one, Michele. I was heartened to see so many family members walk up to Condi Rice today after the hearing and offer her kind words. But CNN only would commented on it if that Breitweiser chick had thrown a punch at Condi.

um...have you ever met a 'Jersey Girl'? Not one of Springsteen's dreams, the real deal. They do know everything...Just ask 'em!

/Staten Island Boy

When did Willie Brown become part of Bush's Right Wing Fascist Conspiracy?

"When did Willie Brown become part of Bush's Right Wing Fascist Conspiracy?"

Since the beginning. Those wily neocons wanted to keep Willie alive for a reason no one can seem to figure out.

Taken from sewers at DU:

"59. Sept. 10, 2001 - San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
receives a call from what he described as "his security
people at the airport" eight hours before the terrorist
attacks "advising him that Americans should be cautious
about their air travel," as reported by the San
Francisco Chronicle. Brown was scheduled to fly to New York
from San Francisco International Airport. He told the
Chronicle the call "didn't come in any alarming fashion,
which is why I'm hesitant to make any alarming
statement." [Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 12,
2001, http://www.sfgate.com/today/0912_chron_mnreport.shtml]"

Oh and Willie's warning by some low level security official(reported by sfgate) morphed into Condi herself with the Indy crowd.

I'm really not being snide here, but I need to remind you that it's not lying unless the person actually knows that what they are saying is untrue. This lady may have been told this by someone whom she trusts, or it may have been a tinfoil hatter who told her this and she really wants to believe because it somehow makes her feel better. I hope it does make her feel better, because to the rest of the world, it makes her look like a partisan loon consumed by conspiracy theories.

Or she may have read the papers. Unlike you.


Maybe you should make a simple google search before you make rude comments about widows.

Umm....he got a low level, general warning about American flights.

"advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel."

A little different than "Willie Brown was warned not to fly on September 11th."

Dontcha think?

it was known back in 2001.
many officials got warnings notto fly.
even willie brown, mayor of san fran.

it was one of the first stories to get ignored.

so basically, this guy wants chris mathews to erroneously challenge something that is true.
good job! THAT'S the America I know and love! Screw the truth and just believe what you wanna hear.


"In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term. "

Be noticed the news was on July, 2001, two months before 911. And Janet Reno, Ashcroft's predecessor as attorney general, routinely flew commercial. She didn't enjoy the special benefit of security. Can you explain why?

When FBI is accused of failure to warn the nation of 911 attack, this news revealed they did do something to deal with coming threaten already. Though only to their boss.



SF Gate: Mayor got 8-hour warning Before 9-11 Attacks September 12, 2001
For Mayor Willie Brown, the first signs that something was amiss came late Monday when he got a call from what he described as his airport security - - a full eight hours before yesterday's string of terrorist attacks -- advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/09/12/MN229389.DTL

what are you going to do when you are proven wrong about all your beliefs in the Bush White House? When it turns out how bad and horrible they are, how much they lied, how much they covered up, how much they have no idea what they are doing and protecting us is the last thing on their lists?

will you still be for them... or against them?
the evidence is mounting. heavily. but feel free to keep turning a blind eye. just don't look for sympathy when you have been warned about the bushies and how worthless they really are.

Read my lips, buddy.

General warning does not equal "don't fly on 9/11."

Do you need some help comprehending that?

So what are YOU going to do when you realize you can never substantiate your cospiracy theories about Bush? Who will be your next Hitler to protest?

Where is the evidence mounting heavily?

Now that I think about it: are you implying that Bush knew there would be terrorist strike using an airplane on 9/11 and instead of grounding the airlines he had someone call Willie Brown to tell him not to fly?

What idiocy.

michele, well, if there was no threat except outside of the United States like the Bush white house claims and condi rice claims... that there was no indication that it would be on American soil then why warning to the upper staff (liek ashcroft who flew private business on publicly paid aircrafts because of a danger threat, and why "low level general" warnings to the lower level people? if they had no idea this was coming, and still didn't know it had come until after the second plane hit the towers... then how did they know enough to warn people at all?

besides it should have easily been more than a general warning (if that's all it really was) there were more than enough warning that
a) al qeida was trying to use airliners as weapons, condi rice was at a meeting where they used anti aircraft artillery jsut in case al qeida tried flying a plane into them. but apparently she hadn't been paying attention when she was there.
b)warnings that al qeida was planning something huge on american soil from many, many different areas and nations.
c) that the twin towers and the pentagon would be targets since they have always been the main targets of al qeida and all the warnings had been about those targets.

it doesn't take a genius to put it all together if the Bushies were paying as much attention as the clinton white house was they would have seen it coming and had a better tha n50-50 chance of stopping it (like the clinton white house stopped all those al qeida attempts).

i'm just letting y'all know, make sure you know who you are cheering for before you pick up your pom poms and megaphone.

take off your party goggles and see it all from a neutral mind set and then think about it.

that's all.

that is if you care about our country at all. i don't know if any of you really do or not. but just in case you do....

if they had been watching they could have made the warnings to the politicians AND had air ports beef up security for a week or two during that time, and especially on the days of the warnings.
hmmm, maybe catching people carrying on box cutters on a threat warning day MIGHT have at least delayed them. ya think? maybe it was a clue, nancy drew!

What utter bs. And you believe that....

whew, send me what your smokin' man.

Come on that, that conspiracy teheory was debunked a long time ago. No one with more than two neurons in their head believes that anymore.

Not why would Condi call Willie Brown? And why not tell Tel Olsen to keep his wife from flying. You see. major problems already with your silly story and I haven't even started.

go away you silly, sad little man. jeez

If I read the post correctly, Michelle gave the widow the benefit of the doubt. All she and the rest of us want is to have Chris Matthews and the rest of the media ask the blindingly obvious question. What is the evidence? Either there is credible evidence or there isn't. If there is credible evidence, then we should persue this. If there is not, then the people spreading these stories should be vigorously challenged. Or would that be censorship?

Sorry if i always sound like a broken record. I guess when you see the same info 100 times, you forget other people may not have seen it once. I have seen it 100 times, so I can see where the widdows are coming from.

One article: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2001/07/26/national/main303601.shtml

clip: In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term.

Of course that's july, so that might not be the one we're looking for.

I just found this site and it is great. Just wanted to chime in and say that Condi Rice did a great job today and the Jersey Girls need to quit pointing fingers it isn't going to bring their husbands back. Focus on what the 9/11 comission was suppose to be all about Girls,and keep your Anti Condi anti Bush Propaganda BS to yourselves.

PF, put down the crack pipe. Crack is whack, man.

like the clinton white house stopped all those al qeida attempts

You mean like Riyadh? Or The Khobar Towers? Or the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania? Or the USS Cole? Or al Qaeda's involvement in Mogadishu. Yep, all those attacks. Stopped. How wonderful of Clinton to be on the ball like that. Bush should try to be more like him.

Y'know, if you're going to TRY to hold your own in an argument, you could at least know what you're talking about. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

take off your party goggles and see it all from a neutral mind set and then think about it.

"Neutral." Uh huh. Tell me another.


Ain't hindsight wonderful, PF? You've got it in spades. You, some ill-informed pinhead sitting in front of your computer arguing (poorly) have it all figured out.

Now, why don't you run along and tell the Panthers how they could have won the Super Bowl...

Jeeesus - who handed out the case of Reynolds wrap?

Looks like the home is handing out a bad batch of Prozac this week.

It seems that far too few people realize the obvious fact that having a family member killed both fills you with virtue and wisdom AND makes you a distinguished expert on national security concerns.

Or it can just mess with your head enough that you believe you are...


hey michele-how about if some said hey, U.S.government we would like to inform you that at about 9:oo in the morning we will be slamming two airplanes into the World Trade Center? Is anything short of that convincing enough for an incredible moron like you?!!! What do you think intelligence gathering is? Maybe we could have prevented Pearl Harbor to if only they sent us the speciic date and time, right?
People like you are the most unfortunate part of living in the United States and I sincerely hope that you or one of your family member is a victim of the next terrorist attack that happens in the U.S. but on course you would not lay blame on the U.S. government because they didn't get the time, date and exact location!

"I sincerely hope that you or one of your family member is a victim of the next terrorist attack that happens in the U.S'

That sentence negates anything else of interest you might have had to say.

I just notified your ISP abuse department that one of their clients just wished my family dead.

I sincerely apoligize to you if you honestly believe I wish your family dead. (isn't it nice to have people apoligize to you-I'm sure Condi can take some lessons about that). But anyway, how in your mind do you twist he words that I wrote to mean i want your family dead? that is an interesting trick.But do you get my point? What do you think intelligence gathering is? Do you honestly think we get information about other countries by having everything spelled out?

I sincerely hope that you or one of your family member is a victim of the next terrorist attack that happens in the U.S.

You're really not that stupid, are you?

So, how do you think a memo like the one of August 6 should have prevented 9/11 from happenning?

Shut down the airports for months? Round up every Arab in America? Invade Afghanistan?

Intelligence gathering is great. But unless something specific comes up, there is no way to prevent a specific attack from happening.

Here's an idea. Instead of trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, why don't the people on the 9/11 commission and all the Dems harping about Condi and the memo come up with some plans to prevent this from happening again? Let's learn from the past instead of dissecting it to look for someone to blame.

I'm sure if Kerry is elected president and a terrorist attack happens on his watch, it will be the fault of the Republicans somehow.

I have another litmus test for the "Jersey Girls" whom I use as my truth squad or commission barometer. They were apolitical. In fact, Kristin Breitweiser voted for Bush in 2000.

Sadly, "the only dogs they had in the fight" died on 9/11. It was that tragedy that united them. The evasions and disrespect by their own government is what made them "crusaders".

In my opinion, they are not anti-Bush but pro-truth. Why doesn't every US citizen feel the same way?

Michele- Thank you for your response but it seems that perhaps we did know some specifics because there were government officials that were told not to fly specifically on 9/11 and when the first plane hit Tenents first response was "I hope this does not have anything to do with that guy taking flying lesson." Both on these together seem to indicate to me that they knew alitte bit more than they are telling us. And I totally agree with you Joe, that this should not be about democrates or republicans because all political parties lost alot that day.

The story that govt officials were told not to fly on 9/11 is all about hearsay. Show me some facts that this actually happened.

Don't you think Ted Olsen would have told his wife not to fly that day?

Can anyone explain this? Has anyone tried?