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Coming soon from Ben Veniste

Mr. Rumsfeld, please explain why the Bush administration didn't build a time machine so they could go back and prevent the Holocaust. And don't fillibuster me?


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one l, michele. filibuster.

Based on the fact-filled, completely rational accusations IndyMedia and Democratic Underground present in such flowing and grammatically-correct prose, I'm surprised they haven't been accused of inventing a Time Machine and CAUSING the Holocaust.

It's funny because it's true. Actually it's not all that funny (the comission should be about learning lessons from 9/11 not partisan attacks) if you really think about it, so I'm going to stop doing that. Thinking. For now.

God damn that word. I can never spell it right.

just remember that it's like your name.
filibuster, michele. like that.

hope that helps.

Clever! I'll never spell it wrong again.

I caught quite a lot of the hearing. I kept asking myself who was testifying. I heard more statements than questions.

Even if we could invent a time machine to prevent the Holocaust, the Democrats wouldn't let us, for fear of making Hitler angry. Plus, Nancy Pelosi would complain about possible environmental effects of launching the machine ...

Grammar Goddess, lesser deity with speling.
Is that one l, or two?

Now why would that last comment be anonymous?

But the best was where Condi (after being interrupted over and over again) exclaimed that she was just trying to finish her point...and Ben-Veniste responded with the oh so ironic:
I didn't know there was a point.
Exactly. There is the whole 9/11 commision wrapped up in one sentence.

Sekimori - Because I fear the wrath of the Grammar Goddess should she take umbrage at my little jest.

Heh. Hitler and Democrats. Funny.

Nope. The parallels are far too ominous to be funny.

...next he can suggest that we send a "giant laser" to the Moon, so we can turn it into a "Death Star" and smite our enemies with it.

"All I'm asking for is a few sharks with laser beams coming out of their heads! What is so frickin' hard about that!?"