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Like mother, like son

How cool is DJ? This is what he's been doing all morning (unbeknownst to me): News Daily


"A boy's best friend is his mother."

Awesome! And also it's pretty embarassing to me that you've just pointed out that an 11 year old knows more about setting up his own blog than I do. Oh, well, it's still great to see a Mother and Son sharing something that is so fun.

Now...I am truly impressed. Tell DJ to keep up the good work. At this rate, he'll be hosting his own local cable news show soon!

Totally amazing.

That's really cool.

Dang. Hotcha!

Oscar Wilde said, "The tragedy of women is that they all eventually become their mothers. The tragedy of men is that they do not."

Maybe the two of you can beat the odds.

Yaye, DJ!


Wow. Testament right there to how much he looks up to you.

Neat!!! I knew I liked that kid.

I'm pretty sure 11-year-old boys don't like being called adorable, so don't tell him I said it's adorable, but it really is. And he sure has a lot more initiative than I did at 11. Very cool.

whatta guy!

Wow -- very good. I know that the boy will Make Something of himself someday - he's off to a great start already. And he's already way smarter than some other bloggers and journalists!

DJ already has 46 hits and it's not even noon! Way Cool!

I'm very impressed. Good job to both of you.

Still, I can't help thinking back to what I was thinking about when I was 11. Star Wars, Comic Books and G.I. Joe's.

Has the world really changed that much?


He still thinks an awful lot about baseball, Lord of the Rings, all things outer space and the Simpsons.

But, thanks to his teacher, he is very aware of current events, more so than my 14 year old. He has a great interest in what goes on in the world and current events - he always has.

He's also obsessed with

That's all well & good, but he should practice his guitar.

(solemn nod)

I'm just sayin'.


You must be absolutely GUSHING with pride. This totally totally rocks!

Billy, I meant to tell you in the last email that he has perfected his first song (some Dokken song), perfectly plays the riff from Immigrant Song and is now listening to some blues.

"Let that boy boogie."

Excellent. This is one of life's premium investments, Michele. Good for youse guys.

That is so cool. Go DJ!

Hey Deej! I got two german shepherds, a mastiff, two nephews and a niece...
Think your Mom would trade?

You know something is going right when a kid as intelligent as DJ actually uses his smarts to comment on/change/mess with the world.

Speaking of kids...What happened to Raising Hell?

Way to go DJ!

You have a wonderful, smart and clever son - a tribute to his mother and to himself.

heh. dude has already surpassed my hit total for the whole year. Way to go DJ! There is hope for our future!