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Yes, I'm bailing on you after just two songs. I owe you. The caffeine crash and the dawning realization that I need to be up in five hours have conspired to send me to bed. Thanks for putting up with all my foul-mouthed, angry crap today. I promise to behave tomorrow. [That's a note for my advertisers, not for any of you. Don't be so silly] and didn't anyone notice my clever little permalink icons? Or are you all just too good for video games?


I think video games are too good for me. I tried to play one with my friend's eight-year-old a couple years ago.

"You suck," he said, as I failed to make any progress at all on the first and most basic level.

"Yeah, well, I think I'm gonna go get into my car which I can drive and go to my apartment where I'll go to bed whenever I decide I feel like it, you little shitbag," I replied.

The end.


Nobody has mentioned Link yet?

OT: LOVE the new logo (OK, it may have been up for a couple of days, but I don't get here everyday and that's my excuse... and I'm sticking to it.

I get here everyday, I'm that dedicated.
Noticed it straight away. But your angry curse-fest frightened me off.

I stared at it for half a minute, thinking "how long have those been there," and "why does that look like Link," ran the mouse over it - and figured it out.

I almost posted something right then, but figured it was better to not look as slow as I am.

We're all too hip to mention the Link links because we all got it immediately when they first appeared on your blog two years ago, or five seconds ago. Whenever.

By the way, you were really on a role today, Michele.

Yaaaay! THe little dead girl is back!!!!!


Hedzup for ya - On the individual archive pages there are no Lenore or Link.

It's been a while for me, is that Zelda?

Dawn: Sure looks like Zelda. Had that little %@#$ driven into my brain cells by my youngest. Thank heavens that she took the system with her when she moved out.

Imperial Keeper

I'm so unhip I wonder how my legs stay attached.

It's Link, from the game Zelda.

Link. Get it?? How clever am I?

"Get it?? How clever am I?"

Fairly...though it would have been cooler with the original NES version.

A little mood music.


Ryan, I couldn't find a decent image of the original link that rendered well that small.

"Ryan, I couldn't find a decent image of the original link that rendered well that small."

No worries...just being a pain.