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let the music play

I've been incredibly mean and nasty today. Some of you deserved it and some of you just got in the way of the flinging feces. But most of you know how to deal with that by now. Just ignore and move on to the next blog. I'm feeling a little guilty towards my nicer readers, so I thought I'd upload some music to share with you. I've got about 7,000 songs from all stripes. Name your poison (ewww, not that Poison). First five people to suggest a band/genre whatever they are in the mood for get songs uploaded in their name. First five DECENT suggestions get uploaded. That means no Come on, Eileen. Dave. And that's about all the contriteness you get from me tonight. I'm going to stop cursing so much, but just because I'm afraid I'll be banned from viewing my own site at work. [I'm listening to Motely Crue's Home Sweet Home and enjoying it. What the hell is wrong with me today?] See below for some typical songs in my rotation:
Jane did the ten song thing, and this is what I had for my ten when I wrote in her comments: Radiohead: Airbag Sublime: Garden Grove Vast: Last One Alive Tool: H D'Angelo: Brown Sugar Descendents: Everything Sucks Bloodhound Gang: Firewater Burn The Cure: Fascination Street Black Flag: No Deposit, No Return Combustible Edison: Punch Drunk Sarah McLachlan: Ice I think that's eleven. Oh well. I have this feeling I'm never going to bed tonight.


Early Clash!!!

KC and the Sunshine Band, baybee.

I'm in a wierd mood. I suggest Come On Eileen.

Favorite song involving Dave Grohl.

Ooooo, will I make it in time to be fifth? I want some cheery B-52s.

Built to Spill or other indie pop-type stuff!


I'm too late.

Come on, though, one Smiths song. "Frankly Mr. Shankley". Pretty please. Just for having the line:

"But sometimes I'd feel more fulfilled
Making Christmas cards
for the mentally ill."

They just don't write em like that anymore. No they don't. No. Nuh-uh.


Hope you get to feeling better soon. And in case you're up for an odd request, see if you can find Justin Hayward's cover of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven

Black Flag? You were wearing bunny pajamas when that came out! Cool that you're still twisted.

Spd, you obviously have no clue how old I am if you think I was wearing bunny jammies when Black Flag was around

Wait. I'm wearing bunny jammies now...

"...I'm a sickening wreck
I've got the twenty-first century
breathing down my neck.
I must move fast.
You understand me.
I want to go down in musical history.

Frankly, Mr. Shankley since you asked,
you are a flatulent pain in the ass.
I do not mean to be so rude.
Still I must speak frankly, Mr. Shankley.
Oh, give us money..."

i'd suggest Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time", but it appears that i'm too late.

plus, i've already got it.

It's never too late, Mikey. I'm dismissing people's choices at will.

Are you sure that's "Shankley"? I always thought that referred to Bill Shankly, who was England's version of Vince Lombardi.

(BTW Michele: the new design is very nice. Not that I was a big Lenore fan, but in general.)

"Tighten Up" by Electronic. Johnny Marr faces off against the New Order dance machine, and wins. Just TRY listening to that shit in your car without breaking the speed limit.

"Let The Music Play" -- by Shannon, late '83-early '84.


i request "Rainy Season" (even though i already have it, but you may have a different mix than i) AND "Telephone Operator"

A wee bit of DeVoto and Shelley. yay!

It's too late to make a request now, but I just wanted to say that any list with Radiohead, Descendents and Black Flag songs on it sounds pretty good to me.

when they re-release it on a Ktel greatest hits CD, will they call it Place sweet Place?


[ducks incoming feces]

ANY ramones. "Shake Your Blood"- Probot, "Fears"- Life of Agony. Soulfly- "Boom", "Brick House"- Rob Zombie. Trying to play on those songs I know we agree on(maybe)!

Being an elderly fart of 50, Gordon Lightfoot's Rainy Day People

Matter of fact, I'm gonna turn of the tv and put on Gord's Gold right... ...now.