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To everyone who wondered why I didn't do the following: a) respond to your comment immediately b) read the article you linked to/sent me/wrote c) post what you asked me to d) linked to an article you sent me e) argued back with you, answered an accusation or defend myself immediately following your comment let me share somethig with you. Contrary to popular belief, I do have a life. Sometimes, I actually turn my computer off! Maybe when you left a comment, I was busy oh..cooking dinner, taking my son to baseball practice, doing laundry, playing (ok, attempting to play) roller hockey with a bunch of eleven year olds, or maybe I was just sitting on my ass, twiddling my thumbs and whistling Dixie. Could be I was even answering someone else's email or reading someone else's article or writing something of my own. I could be taking a day long shit for all you know. Or maybe I just didn't give a fuck about anything you had to day. Pick your choice. Remember one thing: I don't get paid for this shit. Nothing. Nada. Not a cent. I am not your employee and you are not my boss. Perhaps I will put up one of those Paypal subscription things and, if you choose, you can pay me three bucks a month or so and then your comments and your emails and your command will get top fucking priority. Now, I am going to wash my mouth out with soap (Lifebuoy, of course) because you all made me curse like Roseanne on a bender today. Oh, and I don't really care if you don't like the three column layout. Go design your own freaking fucking blog.


Yeah, baby, YEAH!

ummm... errrr...


Since I'm none of the above, I'll just tell you I enjoyed what you wrote today and hope you have a better day tomorrow.

After that glorious post, you puss out at the very end and say FREAKING blog???

Lame. ;-)

Dave has a point. :P

Man, I'm glad I caught you on a slow day! I barely got the Lenoah post fixed before you were there declaring war on me! I gotta get my preview working. Anyhoo, cuss away - some of these people deserve it!

give me a fuckin break. you don't have a life, you life-less non-life-haver...

ok seriously, do people really get mad at you for that shit?

I'm with Dave. That was a real let-down at the end there. Unless it was post soap-out-washing of the mouth? It would be understandable then.

Your immediate response to clear this up would be much appreciated.

First of all, I wrote aout how wonderful you are when you're in "pissed off" mode (now I have to update it).

Secondly, the 3 column is pefect for you. The dissenters can toss (name your most disgusting person here)'s salad.

CP rocked today.

Wow, I am never going to make a Garfield comment ever again. And no more sarcasam either.

Whoa! I am just cruising through looking for news from Iraq. I think I have seen all I need to on this site. You folks enjoy yourselves.

Hello? My response? I'm waiting...


I'm glad Lenore(?) is back. We all have days like that. Wait until countdown to moving day.

Damn. Wonkette is gonna get her ASS KICKED!

"Sometimes, I actually turn my computer off!"

Computers turn off?


Jim, my response is going to be my Doc Martens up your ass.


I appreciate your quick response and your unusually small feet.

I thought it was a fantastic day of postings. You were rocking out. The negative energy certainly upped the creativity.

I find it hard to understand anyone who thinks you owe them a personal response, or even a general response. Weird.

I didn't get my personal response yet either.

And aren't I going to look silly going to the hospital with you hopping behind me on one foot?

I noticed you weren't responding to my psychic commands, either. WTF?

Yay! Go Michele!

Good grief Michele, I always wonder how you do so much on this blog AND have a life. You must think and type about 150 wpm...

Be good to yourself and as my pappy always used to tell me, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."


or "joke em if they can't take a fuck"

Yes, Dave, that was usually my response to him. It shocked the hell out of him at first but then he got used to it...