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Requisite American Idol Post

West Coaster and TiVo-ers, spoiler below. And one note before the spoilers: I would like to round up every single person involved in Fox's The Swan and beat the crap out of them, contestants included. There should be a law against this kind of tv. Seriously.
YES! Thank FUCKING God! She was such a bitch.


Do I look, or not...?

Oh, what the hell. I can't resist a spoiler. Usually :)

Dan is so disgusted with me that I'm watching it...I swear to the gods this will be the one and only time. Floggings for everyone!

The Swan, I mean. Tivo-ed AI and skipped to the end just to savor the despair on her whiny face. Blech.

Amen on both counts. Glad the skank and her pissy tude is gone. And this Swan thing is beyond awful. Beating isn't good enough for the people behind this show; they should be forced to ride in the back seat of a Mini Cooper with Ted Kennedy. On a cross country trip. With nothing to eat but bean burritos. With only a Hanson cd to listen to. Yeah.

You know what's really weird?

We all watched the damn thing.

And The Swan, too...dang.

As the AI judges have pointed out, "America" seems to be voting for personalities rather than talent. Those two white guys are waaaay out of their league, yet they're still there. And Amy Adams is waaay more talented than the two Hawaiian girls, yet she's gone. Go figure...

    YES! Thank FUCKING God! She was such a bitch.

My words EXACTLY.

But then I cried with empathy and contempt!

I caught the last bit of the Swan, and yes, it was Crapola. My daughter had been watching it, so I asked her, "You know these people are idiots, right?". She replied in the affirmative, but I think I'm gonna have another long talk with her about self esteem and focusing on being pretty on the inside. The "contestants" went from being plain/average/ugly women with serious self-image problems, to being scarily mutilated, overly madeup women with serious self-image problems. Well done, Fox...the teenagers of America are watching!

"As the AI judges have pointed out, "America" seems to be voting for personalities rather than talent."
The question is, how many of America's pop stars have either personality or talent? At least the latter can be emulated by a good recording and mixing team.

She was a babe. Still is. Who cares if she had a shitty attitude?

And to think they cancelled Wonderfalls and will keep the Swan and Forever Eden. Ugh.

And the AI bitch with the attitude should've gone the first week. I still can't believe Amy and Matt went before her, John Stevens and the other John.