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some run on thoughts about nothing while I work off some negativity

Well, I've had just about enough angst for one day. I mean, there's only so many times I can say the word fuck in a day without feeling like I should wash my own mouth out with soap. So let's change the subject until tomorrow, eh? What do you want? It's your call. I can continue with the list of my favorite songs (that still hasn't moved past number two thanks to ever-breaking news) or I could tell you about the cache of Sega Genesis games I found while packing up the house or I could tell you why the Hellblazer movie is going to be major suckage - ok, I did that already. Or we can do that ten random songs on your playlist thing. I don't want to talk baseball because I have this feeling that I'll spend more time cursing the Yankees than making fun of the Red Sox this year. And I won't bother with the Islander's playoff chances because...well, you can figure that one out. Note: Listening to Rammstein is not a good idea when you already feel like throwing someone through a wall.
Did I ever tell you I saw Rammstein live? Twice? Holy shit can they rock the house. Who the hell cares if you don't understand a word they are saying? They've got fire and synchronized head banging and that bizarre keyboard player and the god damm best bass lines to hear live because they reverberate through your feet and right into your head and you think you can fucking fly. Yea, I might have had a few beers. Oh, so I was driving past the Nassau Coliseum on my way to work today and the giant marquee thing outside flashes the time and weather and as I'm sitting there for what seems like 18 hours waiting for the light to change I see that Metallica is coming to town (pass, thanks) and so is Prince (I'd go if I knew he would only play old stuff) and Incubus. They're headlining. The last time I saw Incubus at the Coliseum they were the first act in a long night of testosterone rock called umm..what the hell was that tour called? With Korn and Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube...I forget. Anyhow, say what you want about Korn but they put on a decent show. That pussy Fred Durst got a sore throat and LB didn't play but let me tell you, I saw that asshole skateboarding in the arena parking lot earlier in the day. So, Incubus. My god they used to be great. They put out two EPs and then S.C.I.E.N.C.E and they they just had their balls cut off or something. I saw them three times at Irving Plaza. Maybe one time was Roseland. The first time was amazing. My sister and I kicked mosh pit ass. The second time was good - they were playing with Fear Factory and I lost my hearing for a couple of days. The third time they were playing with Primus and not only did Incubus pussy out on us, with Brandon Boyd prancing around the stage like a model on crack - I mean, when he cut of those dreads he just lost it. Ya know? Anyhow, Buckethead came on before Primus and he just blew us all away. I don't care if he was wearing a KFC bucket on his head. He was awesome. Then Primus came on and - no offense to Primus fans in the audience, but you guys are a bunch of dick. Hey, I like Primus. But the fans were just...dicks. The attitude was, hey, we're a real cool club and you're not a part of it. Well, pardon me and suck my left tit, buddy. We left the club and walked around NYC for a while. By the way, Type O Negative is pretty good live, but Peter Steele has a real passive-aggressive relationship with himself. When we saw Type O, we were sitting up in the VIP section (VIP means Very Inconsequential Person with connections at these shows) and we sat at these reserved tables (my husband was working for Roadrunner records at the time) and Peter Steele's family was sitting next to us. I'm talking like...grandma type family. It was a bit bizarre to see them steering at Steele with familial admiration while he was singing Loving you was like fucking the dead. Talk about surreal. Went off on a tangent there, didn't I? Just working off the negative adrenaline.


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Ever see the Rammstein (Engel) - Evangelion fan video? It's cool.

Was it the Warped Tour?

Nope, but thanks to my husband I now remember that it was The Family Values tour. The first one.

Ah right. I'm not surprised I got that wrong. I'm not into that headbanging stuff.

Get the tickets to Prince---he's playing all of his old stuff again. Reportedly, his L.A. opener was quite the show.

I live in Minneapolis and for the past few years everyone's been bitching about his wierdness. Now everyone wants tickets to his june shows in St. Paul. Including me.

y'know, i'm with you on the rabid Claypool fans. I like Les' playing a lot. He's great, he's innovative, he's a goddamn freak and i dig it. But his fans are pricks. And i'm sayin that from a bass players perspective. Someone always tells me to play some Les Claypool, and, fuck, i can't, ok? Can ANYONE? No, i don't think so... i've heard a lot of hotshot dudes who THINK they can play like Claypool, but they were totally fooling themselves.

And, jeebus, he simply isn't the be-all-end-all of bass. It's one style, it's his style and the bowers and scrapers to Les are almost as bad as the rabid Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead fans. Ooh! You blaspheme the bass god! Yah, fuck, Les ain't the bass god. LEO FENDER is the bass god. Was. Why? Cos he figured out how to put a pickup in a solid bass and y'all can thank him for not having to haul around a big fat upright with a squealy-assed piezo screamer pickup that falls out of its thingie all the time... AND STUFF.

ok, i'm done.