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In a totally unrelated note, I just heard the song Plowed by Sponge. Hadn't heard it in a long time. Forgot how much I liked it, even though the singer sounds like Gavin Rossdale with sore throat. Speaking of Gavin, I hear he's playing Balthazarr in Constantine (see, Hellblazer). Umm.... Why? Not that I'm thrilled with Keneau "Unnhhhh" Reeves as Constantine but..Gavin Rossdale? Funny. They just followed up Sponge with Bush. Never did like that Gavin guy. Too pretty.


I actually met those Sponge guys at a diner near where I used to live. They had just played this club near there, and needed some grub. Pretty strange experience. It's like...

"Hey, you guys are in Sponge"


"Cool. Catch you later!"

Sponge played a local club here about six months ago...it was sad to see how greedily they have embraced being washed up. Saw them in their prime and they were great live...now they sound like THEY should have opened for the local acts which preceded them. Sad...I really liked them...now I've got the song "Pennywheels" stuck in my brain. Thanks!

First time I saw Gavin Rossdale, I thought to myself, "Why, it's the ever beautiful Susan Dey. Isn't it amazing how she looks just like she did on 'The Partridge Family'?"


So, I was really excited about the prospect of a HellBlazer movie. This was the first I'd heard of it. Wish I'd read the rest of your post before clicking over to IMDB.

Keanu. Jesus-@#%@#%-Christ, how stupid do you have to be to give Keanu the role of John Constantine.

Oh, and moving it to LA is ridiculous as well. Why not put Batman in Memphis, for Christ's sake? Constantine simply isn't the same outside of London.

Exactly, Paul. When I saw the movie was taking place in LA I knew I would end up disappointed in everything about it.

I would have even been happier with Brad Pitt as Constantine. At least he could pull off the look.

Ok, it's a little off topic, so sue me, but I think I actually got in a small argument with the Keanu Reeves over at the Fanatical Apathy blog.

There was a big humping pile calling conservatives stupid over a nothing so convoluted that it's REALLY not worth describing. The great Keanu Reeves dropped by to opine that conservatives are soooo stupid that they can't understand art.

I'm not even a conservative, but the collective smugness was more than I could stand.

So I agreed with Keanu and pointed out that there has never been an artist with conservative politics in all of history...

Keanu said that I misunderstood his post, because I was a stupid conservative, and that my post showed that all conservatives are dishonest. Then he disappeared in a huf.

John Constantine... Keanu... LA instead of London... brain...exploding... make the hurting stop

heh heh.
Michele said "sponge with bush"

heh heh

i like the faces Gavin makes when he sings. In the same way i like the odd little noises Todd Lewis makes when he sings.

Did you know that young Gavin had an affair with Boy George?

I read it in Boy George's biography.