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Killing al Sadr isn't good enough: Today's required reading

Picked up at Free Arab Forum, an article on al-Sadr's attempt at ethnic cleansing in Iraq.
Attack on gypsy village goes unanswered By Anthony Shadid WASHINGTON POST QAWLIYA, Iraq - No one lives here anymore. A month ago, Qawliya's collection of perhaps 150 homes in southern Iraq contained a small red-light district, an isolated warren known for prostitution and gunrunning and as a haven from the law. Today, it is destroyed, the few sounds of life made by barking dogs and scavengers piling bricks from razed homes. Its residents -- hundreds of men, women and children, mostly members of Iraq's tiny Gypsy minority -- were driven out by a militia controlled by a militant Shiite Muslim cleric, residents and police say. Neighbors systematically looted it. Some accounts say the village was burned, though the militia denies it.
Read it and cry. And then give me a reason why we shouldn't grind that bastard into meat and feed him to pigs. I noticed a lot of leftie blogs yesterday writing about the ten year anniversary of the horrible genocide in Rwanda. The U.S. and the rest of the world turned their backs on those people. We should be ashamed. And that's what most of those lefty bloggers wrote about. So why shouldn't we care about ethnic cleansing in Iraq? How do you guys pick and choose who you care about? Do you have meetings and decide which oppressed countries get your sympathies? Don't even look at me like that. I care about all of them. Iraqis, Rwandans, Cubans, Russians, Iranians. I wish we could help them all. Maybe if some of the pussy nations that refuse to join us would lend a hand, we could help everyone.


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Sorry that the left bloggers aren't doing what you want them to every day you want them to do it. I'll offer that collective apology.

You idiot. Go back and read the post again. This time use your brain.

I don't give a crap what they write about it every day, I'm just asking the simple question of how they came to make the choice of deciding that the Rwanda victims deserve sympathy and the Iraqis don't.

And I didn't say all lefty bloggers. I said the ones who specifically wrote about Rwanda yesterday.

Now, can you address the issue at hand, which is would it be wrong to just kill as Sadr?

That isn't a serious question is it? I mean it's pretty obvious how opressed minorities get into the "outrage" or "ignore" columns of the DNC register. If their support of the minority could conceivably help the Republicans then that minority gets ignored.

Dammitall, it is getting harder and harder to stay in the middle!!

And then give me a reason why we shouldn't grind that bastard into meat and feed him to pigs.

Charming. You've become what you abhor. It's hard to condemn the animals when you're eating from the same trough. You used to be a reasonably sensible ex-lib, now you're just another rabid LGF lizard. I hope you're happy with what you've become, Michele. You're so blinded by hatred, I can't believe you can find the keyboard anymore.

Angela, I agree with you somewhat. Not only Michele but people from both sides of the coin are becoming entrenched in hatred for the opposing view. It's like everyone is screaming their viewpoint but keeping their fingers firmly in their ears lest they have to hear the other side. So long as we are a country this sharply divided we will get nothing done other than more screaming and name calling.

Another thing, any valid point is watered down considerably when people hide behind bogus email addresses. I don't always agree with Michele but I respect the hell out of her for having the balls to put her opinions out here and sign her name to them.

I'm suprised this hasn't been said yet:

Why shouldn't we feed him to the pigs?

I have more respect for the pigs than that...

Oh, I'm sorry Angela. Did I offend your sensibilities by suggesting that a man who is hell bent on destroying all Jews, murdering Americans and has engaged in genocide should be dead?

Just what is your point, Angela? That I am hateful because I think murdering scumbag terrorists should be killed?

So tell me, dear. What is your plan for them?

So tell me, dear. What is your plan for them?

Well, just personally, I think he should be placed under house arrest while awaiting trial, and I think the guards to the house should be selected by the UN, because only the UN can ensure that he's being treated in a proper humanitarian way. And then I think he should have a trial, only, I think the trial should take place in Belgium, because obviously he can't get a fair one in Iraq. We can trust the Belgians not only to house him humanely, but to place him in a residence whose inventive use of color and texture is simply stunning, not to say chic.

And then I think if he is found guilty, he should have access to free psychiatric care so the world can begin to see into the minds of people such as Sadr, in the hope of determining what root causes, what desperation, must drive an otherwise worthwhile human being to such madness and destruction. While that's going on, I suggest we all look deeply within our own psyches to root out what xenophobia and ethnocentrism may lie therein that could potentially cause us to believe, even for a minute, that this man should be ground up and fed to pigs.

Because everyone knows that would be a really shitty thing to do . . . to pigs.

the guards to the house should be selected by the UN, because only the UN can ensure that he's being treated in a proper humanitarian way.

Idiotic. Have you not heard of Screbenicia?

...or half the other hundred instances where U.N. personnel allowed rape, prostitition, murder or ethnic cleansing while only being a few feet away? Please. Reality check.

No, Barnard: sarcasm check.

I was just going to defend your honor, Ilkya.

But I got the sarcasm because I know you better than that. The other two didn't get it because you did a really good job impersonating a moonbat.

My bad, oh myyyy bad. :-)

Michele, I've been reading your blog for quite a while...but I was most offended by your suggestion that Sadr be fed to pigs. I'm shocked, shocked that you condone such cruelty to animals such as our brother the pig.

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The U.S. and the U.N. have a chance to get things right in Sudan, but it doesn't appear that we will. Bush has been doing some good things in pressuring the government, but it is going to take more than that to stop the killing going on there. I pray the Sudan doesn't become another chapter in future copies of Samantha Powers' book "A Problem From Hell."

Chrees, there will be something here later (a guest post) on Sudan, and how we can put on the pressure to NOT turn Sudan into another Rwanda.

ilyka, that was so good it was scary.

I really CAN'T tell the difference between satire and the real thing. Real people are SO far out of wack.

Einstein said the only infinite thing is our ignorance.

These days the moonbats' naivete is giving their ignorance a run for it's money.

Crazy, isn't it, that the Left can commemorate the Rwanda massacres and keep faith with the UN all at once?!

You right wing nutcases don't know anything about Gypsies, and suddenly you're their champion because they were attacked by Muqtada al-Sadr. You're totally unaware that Gypsies are treated like dirt in Israel, and you're ignorant of the fact that they're treated badly pretty much everywhere else, and you're completely blind to the broad similarities between what al-Sadr did to that village and what you approved of in Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr is an ignorant religious nutcase...just like all of you. Go ahead, shed some more crocodile tears. Then go bomb another country and drive some more poor children screaming from their homes.