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World at War

Let's talk war for a moment. I just wrote this on Command Post: bq. Reports are confirming that al-Sadr's aide and leader of that cleric's office was indeed killed by Polish troops in Kerbala. The aide and fellow cleric has been identified as Muntadhir al-Mussawi. Sources say that his followers carried his body away from the scene while chanting "Today we will free Karbala from the Jews." This is NOT about getting the coalition troops out of Iraq. This is not about US occupation. It is about Muslimis v. Jews and all those who support Jews. This is a world war. Maybe we can't fight against an ideology, but we can fight against those who support an ideology that considers all Jews to enemies of the world. Iranians are filtering into Iraq to join the Islamists in their fight against "the Jews." Syrians were arrested today in Iraq. This war against the coalition soldiers is being funded and fought by an entire band of militant Islamists, not by Iraqis who are mad that we are in their country. This was inevitable, Iraq war or not. You are a fool if you think this is anything but radical Muslims vs. the rest of the world. Take your head out of your ass and look at the truth. This has been coming for ages. Not since Bush got into office. Not even in the Clinton years. It's been coming for a long, long time and only now are we going to see the culmination of too many years of rising up in the name of a bastardized religion. You may discuss. I'll be over at Command Post, posting articles about our soldiers and the soldiers of other nations fighting to protect you from ending up on the receiving end of a nail-filled bomb some day.


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Probably Polish GROM troops who did the deed. I just love those guys.

Huh. I remember hearing about this in waaaay back seventh grade. That was (holy hell) 83. A substitute history teacher came in and used her hour with us to tell us a little about arab history and muslim culture and how things were coming to a head and all hell was going to break loose. Now I regret thinking she was just dotty, but then again I WAS only like 12...

"killed by polish troops"... Score another one for our so-called "fraudulent" coalition.

And you're right, this has been coming on since at least the Eighties, increasing in tempo since the end of the Cold War. They want to drive the West out of the Middle East so they can be free to dispose of Israel. Trouble is, if Israel ceased to exist tomorrow... The standard of living in fanatical Muslim land wouldn't suddenly change to acceptable.

I've always believed that the question shouldn't be "why do they hate us?" but "why do they hate?". Perhaps, it's all they've got.

There is no reasoning with a group that has your destruction as their default position. It is a World War... but too many of us are still in blame or appease mode. (Hello, Sen. Kennedy)

It is the fourth world war and hundreds of millions will be dead in the 20+ year struggle against the forces of bastardized Islam.

To put it simply...these guys want us ALL dead...so we have to kill them first...

However you turn away this is the sad truth...

The remains of the World War II generation is seeing the birth of the next and last world war.....

Jack, for sure. I can't stand it when people demean our coalition partners. I mean, a dead coaltion partner is not fraudulent. Or "trumped up" as Kerry would say.