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Semper Fi

Running late as usual, blogging later. I do want to take a moment to post this one thing, via Allah. This would be a really good time to donate to these guys. Skip the sub today. Forget the pack of cigarettes. And, like Allah said, you have better things to do with your cash than spend it on Scooby Doo 2. It's a good way to thank the men and women who are out there fighting for freedom. [Don't even think about leaving a nasty comment about our soldiers.]


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great idea. the nmcrs is a wonderful organization that helped me out when i was in the navy and ran into tough times.

some additional support links can be found on our site here. the site can also be used to purchase minutes for troops to use in Iraq at our cyber cafes. 4.7 cents a minutes (to the u.s. and germany) sure as hell beats the att/mci rates (upwards of 25-35 cents a minutes) that I saw when I was down there.

I was going to save my $10 to go see the new Garfield movie. That is one funny cat!

I don't know if the troops are worth that kind of sacrifice on my behalf.

Funny? No.

I really hope that was sarcasm, Rob.

Hmmm... Not a solid way to start Rob M.

Anywayz, I got some ex-cons (including) sending money to the troops. All voluteered. I didn't think it was a big deal until my wife said:

Think of that. Ex-cons, ex-criminals, sending money to the troops. Talk about being patriotic.

Didn't really look at it that way but it sound off da hook to me! :)

oops.. It should say --(including me). Sorry. :(

I wanted to see if supporting Garfield would get me banned from this site.

Would raving about and/or seeing Garfield be deemed "being an A**Hole"?

More importantly, since you and Allah have started a list of little sacrifices everyday people can make in order to send a little something to the troops. (the sub, pack of cigarettes, Scooby Doo 2) I think we should really start a list.

I know I can skip going out to a bar this weekend and send the $50 buck I would save. See that was not hard. Who is next?

I don't think Rob qualifies for Asshole status. But he's a shoo-in for Dumbass.

"But he's a shoo-in for Dumbass"

Well, he likes Garfield. Duh.

[Rob, I'm teasing you]

Thanks for the recommendation - contributon made.

Went and donated. Thanks for the heads-up.

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