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Hi, My Name is Lenore and I'm a Little Dead Girl

deadgirl.gifHi. My name is Lenore. Some of you refer to me as the Little Dead Girl. My goal in life is to have you all experience my dark muffins.

I've graced this site on and off for three years now. Every time I get out, you pull me right back in. You make me feel guilty for leaving in the first place, like I abandoned you or something. Hey, I have my own life death to live, people. I don't work at your whim.

Well, here I am again. I hope all of you are happy now. Blah, blah Lenore, blah, blah dead girl. I wish you would find another pet icon to worship. What about Spooky? He's lots of fun and he makes noise when you squeeze him. Or Filler Bunny? He's a load of laughs if you just give a sharp instrument. Whatever.

I guess if I'm going to hang around I should tell you a few things about me.

I was created by Roman Dirge. This is Roman. He's kinda cute, ain't he? I have my own line of comic books, toys and other assorted things (the proprieter of this very site even has a Lenore lunchbox), which you can find at Slave Labor.

If you have nothing to do, you can go over here and play dress up with me.

Eww, not like that, you perv. Ugh. I should kill you for even thinking that.

So, anyhow. I'm back. Stop your bitching now.


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You never went away, Lenore.
Hid you in the RSS feed. ;)


nooooooooo! You changed the type.
I was thinking...
"Be aggressive, B- E- aggressive! B-E-AGG-RESS-I-V-E!
I liked the blue letterman type.

roman dirge is hot!

talk to spoooooooky!

yay for the dead girl, nay on the font. oh wait, you didn't ask this time did you? nevermind then. we'll get used to it.

You're almost there...

Oh that is just precious. I love it.

I just realized that I'm more of a GIR fan than a filler-bunny kind of guy.

I know she wasn't gone long, but still, I missed her.

Hey, and that title at the top looks terrific.

Whoa! Roman Dirge is a cutie. Come to papa...


Well my search for Lenore pictures crashed my browser, so I'll just say I'm glad she's back.

"Come experience my dark muffins."

With her intense look, that is a scary picture. When Lenore looks intense, run.

Thank you.

How could we not feel attached to Lenore?

There is indeed balm in Gilead :^)

Three cheers for Lenore!

Thank you! It's not just Lenore that I missed. It was the total lack of personality in this original design that I disliked. There was nothing that said Michele. As the designer pointed out, it wasn't a design, it was a template. I have never seen you as just a boring template person. I'm glad you have some life, er, death, back on your site.

Okay, I now see I'm a little behind on the site design front. What can I say, I'm on another continent. I was in bed when this all happened.

I think the whole Kermit thing had possibilities.

Not good ones, but possibilities nonetheless.

I guess this means the Red Sox cap is out, eh? Remind me to try "blackmail" more often.

Welcome back, Lenore. lookin' good.

And there was much rejoicing. Thanks


Lenore! :)

Much better.

Love. It.

See the pretty hate machine
Grind, hate machine, grind
Ohh, baby

Lenore rules! And I like today's font...yesterday's looked like Lenore was now chearleading for LSU.

I was thinking it looked too much like Lenore was a Vikings fan.


Egads... I was actually sad that she was gone... Now I'm happy... I need to get out more...

Squee and Gir (and anything by Jhonen Vasqez) are almost as good as Lenore.

Like someone up above mentioned, it's not merely the lack of Lenore, it was the sterility of the revamped page.

When I hit ASV randomly a couple of years ago I instantly knew that I should take a closer look. If I had seen the proposed one yesterday, I might have glossed over it and missed out on a great blog.

Christ, you people are unbelievable. And precisely why I don't fucking design weblogs anymore. Whiners.


please send me pictures loads of pictures