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Piss Off

Don't even know where to begin today. My, it's going to be one opinionated day here at ASV. Let's start with something new: The Daily Piss Awards. As in, people/things that piss me off. # Ashcroft and the Justice Department. Aren't there better ways to be spending money and resources than trying to take my porn away to rid the country of porn - even soft-core Skinemax type porn? # Bill O'Reilly. Besides the fact that this column just sucked - content, writing, failed attempts at humor, embarassing attempts at sarcasm - it's just plain stupid. Note to O'Reilly: Not all talk radio is about partisan politics. Not all music stations play rap. Not all rap is about bitches and hos. Get out a little, Bill. Oh, and you might want to hone those writing skills. # John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Nice time to start making ridiculous accusations about Bush, John. There's a whole lot of stuff going on in Iraq today and all Kerry wanted to talk about was his newest tin foil theory, that Bush planned the June 30th handover date specifically to help him out with the election. Screw that cap on tighter, John. As for Ted, the asshole is going around blustering about Vietnam and the Tet offensive. Hey, Ted - when al Jazeera plays that up in the Middle East those terrorists will cheer you like you've never been cheered before. Way to go, Teddy! Oh, and Kerry, nice quip about targets on the backs of our soldiers. I'm sure they will be real happy to see the support you gave them today. Note: Negative attacks at the president do not count as support for the troops. Just saying. # NPR (no offense, Dave). Now they are calling the homeless in California the placeless population. Sounds like a punchline to a really bad joke about political correctness. Unfortunately, they are for real. Nominations being accepted.


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Should Kerry wait till after June 30th before taking Bush to task on anything that deals with Iraq?

How many more days till election day?

My nomination is for guys that don't call you back, though it's only been two days. I may be over-reacting, but my site's not called Neurotic Fishbowl for nothing.

Oh, please. I never said that he couldn't take Bush to task on anything Iraq. I just think he's going out on a limb by claiming the June 30th date is some election conspiracy.

Kerry might want to take this time to stand up and show support for the troops rather trying to stick a knife in their morale.

My favorite is Chappaquiddick Ted yesterday talking about Bush, (or anyone else for that matter) losing credibility. Puh-lease.

"The placeless population?" That makes no sense. Of course they have a place - it is the street! Now, that may not be the ideal situation, but the street is, in fact, a "place."

Well, of course they're on the street. One reason is that SF put in a $14/h minimum wage law and the goo-goo orgs couldn't afford to stay open because they pay their people less.

Which, in the end, might be a good thing. Some have theorized there are too many charities in the US. Maybe consolidation is the way to go. Less overhead, hopefully more money for services.

mark, I think that means they've got no place to go to the bathroom. HomelessPeoplePooPoo™ has become a real issue in a lot of cities in the western US.

Wasn't the battle cry few months ago that Bush didn't have a clear plan for getting out of Iraq? But now that he has one, and intends to stick to it, then that was his plan all along?

Maybe the homeless should be called "Domicile Disabled" or "Commorancy Challenged".

Rosemary, I think "disabled" is no longer acceptable pc-speak. The "dis" is far too negative and might impact some hobo's self-esteem. I think the correct term would now be "Differently Domiciled", or at worst, "Domicillically Challenged".

Place is where the heart is.

There's no home like place.

"Looooooceeeeyyyy!!! I'm place from the club"!

I kind of like, "Non-specifically Domiciled".

I liked O'Reilly's column- thought it did hit the mark a bit with the humor and sarcasm. Of course he's not summing up all of popular culture as expressed throught the radio- he's Bill O'Reilly. No one goes to him for that. He's just trying to throw a jab at Franken while looking at least marginally hip. I'll accept that.

The "differently dwelling."

I would add this one:

To Gary Trudeau, the only reason Condi is still around is because George Dubya has a "Mandingo" fetish. You know, like the rest of us Republican racists.

I nominate Pedro Martinez. The MF throws a 90+ mph fastball with pinpoint control, and when somebody a hit or two or three off him, the MF starts throwing that fastball at opposing players heads.

Anybody see that game Sunday night? He could have killed David Segui. Segui has missed more than half of the games in the last few years because of injuries, and Pedro is up there throwing at his head.

Placeless population: "Outdoorsmen and women", "At one with the indigenous(sp?) animal population", "Nature Lovers", or, in Mark Burnett's world: "Survivors"

You left off Ralph Nader and his idiotic "impeach Bush" campaign. Or are you saving that one for tomorrow?

I just found out about that Jonathan. That will be tonight.

Nader wants to drive Bush out of the White Place??

Particulary amusing about Intern - drowning enthusiast, Ted Kennedy's comments regarding "Iraq becoming Vietnam" was his not mentioning that he supported the war in Vietnam from his election in 1962 through to the election of Richard Nixon in 1968.

Kennedy campaigned for Hubert Humphrey in 1968, who advocated staying the course in Vietnam.

Kennedy supported the war in Vietnam after his brother, Senator Robert Kennedy came out in opposition of it in 1966.

Given that, if , in the unlikely event of a Kerry victory, will Kennedy support the action in Iraq?

they are calling the homeless in California the placeless population.

Well I wish they'd go be placeless some other place. I'm tired of being asked insane questions by smelly drunks everytime I go to lunch.

Skippystalin says: "...Particulary amusing about Intern - drowning enthusiast, Ted Kennedy's comments regarding 'Iraq becoming Vietnam'"

I've not seen that. Could you give a cite, please?

Michelle, you said: "As for Ted, the asshole is going around blustering about Vietnam and the Tet offensive."

I'd very much like to read those comments. Do you have a cite for them, please?

Thanks to both of you.

Gary, I am not backing off my stand that saying "Iraq is Bush's Vietnam" is comparing Vietnam to Iraq. I think it's quite obvious.

Perhaps this isn't a matter of wrong or right, but one of perception. I perceived Teddy's words one way, you perceived them another, and the only one who knows what he meant is Teddy himself.

I also think it was a very calculated move on Kennedy's part. He didn't have to say Iraq is a quagmire just like Vietnam, because the media would take care of that for him. He knew damn well they would single out that one quote. He played the media (and blogs, including mine) like a violin. Ted got to say what he wanted to say without really saying it, which is just as good as really saying it.

If you follow. It's really late.

"Gary, I am not backing off my stand that saying 'Iraq is Bush's Vietnam' is comparing Vietnam to Iraq. I think it's quite obvious."

What was the meaning of what he actually said, Michelle? Not what's "obvious" by five words out of context. You read what he wrote: what was he saying?

It's a simple question; I'm sure you can answer it. You are free to choose not to, of course. I don't know why you would so choose, but it's up to you.

This is an entirely separate question -- same deal, there's no reason you need to answer my question, if you choose not to, of course: "As for Ted, the asshole is going around blustering about Vietnam and the Tet offensive."

Where did Kennedy engage in this blustering about the Tet offensive?

If you would prefer not to answer, may I ask why not?

Of course, you may prefer not to answer that, either. In which I shall go away, puzzled, and certainly shan't bother you on the question again. I have no wish to be a nag; I'd simply like to read these comments of Senator Kennedy's about the Tet offensive.


The rest of what you say is addressed in the discussion in comments at my own blog.

Have a good night; sleep tight; hope you feel better tomorrow.

Gary, I said I would either find sources or retract my statement, so get off of your moral high horse.

Sorry I didn't drop what I'm doing to get to you request before the request of 800 other people who are demanding one thing or another from me.

Two California bums about to shack up:

Hey babe - Your lack of place, or mine?