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corruption steals lives

A while ago I wrote about a murder that happened on Long Island when I was about 20 or so. Because of some of the comments on that post by people directly related to the case, and because of a correspondence with a person who wrote a piece on the case for New York magazine, I did a complete turnaround on my feelings about the guilt of the people who were convicted (convictions later overturned) of the crime. Also in the comments on that post, a couple of people left comments about another murder that took place on Long Island fourteen years ago. Martin Tankleff was accused of murdering his parents. He was convicted. Martin's lawyer is on CNN right now talking about the case. They are trying, once again, to get a new trial. I never, ever believed that Martin murdered his parents. His family doesn't believe it. To this day I still think Martin is innocent. Of course, it really doesn't matter what I think. I'm just someone who read about the story and watched it unfold. I think what was done to Martin Tankleff was also done to the boys who were convicted of the other murder; they were railroaded by the Suffolk County Police Department - one of the most corrupt PDs in the country. In fact, Glenn Reynolds wrote about them this week. I sent an email to Glenn detailing all the ways in which the SCPD is the living embodiement of a travesty of justice. No real point to this post. I know that some of Martin's friends read this site - I've exchanged a few emails with some of them. I just want to let them know I haven't forgotten. I hope Martin sees justice one day. And to the person involved in the first case I talked about - I hope the truth comes out for you, too some day.


Anyone interested in learning more about Marty Tankleff's case, receive updates, and find out what you can do for Marty now, please visit www.MartyTankleff.org