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Imperialist Logo

[Update] Turns out I didn't really like it. And I'm the only one who matters here. Right? And what the hell? You people who don't recognize the logo of the Imperial force sadden me. Quickie poll: New logo. Yes or no.


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Dude...center it.

I like it. I also like the new layout.

hmmmmmm..... It reminds me of a cog in the machine - if that's what you're after, then yes.

Hey, I wasn't finished with my comment!
I'd put it to one side or the other, not behind ASV.

I like it. Like it is.

Kinda George Lucas...ish.

And no, it doesn't make you look...er, um, I think I'll stop right there.

Figures that a Yankees fan would use the evil Empire's logo on their blog. Careful, Lucas might sue you! It looks good, but it's giving me painful SWG flashbacks...

No...Too cold and steely...needs the velvet glove...

Nice and airy, though, for readability.

I dig it.

Yes! Coolness. Michele, I believe you could fart the National Anthem and I'd love it.

Seriously, it's cool.

groovy. very "Welcome to the Machine" feel.

I don't like it. It looks like the unholy love child of some vaguely fascist symbol and the biohazard symbol. Bring back Lenore!

And I think I liked the old site design better. It was distinctive and stylish.

I agree with Trish.

"Da" to the new layout
"Nyet" to the new logo.

I miss Lenore.

Ebert says "Two thumbs up...my butthole!"

I like it.

yes...but centre it.

The sweet Lenore hath "gone before,"

I'm not crazy about it. No.

No Lenore? No.

I liked Lenore better, but then I'm an old-fashioned guy.

By that Heaven that bends above us -
by that God we both adore -
restore our souls with sorrow laden!
From within that distant Aidenn,
return to us our sainted maiden
whom the angels named Lenore!

I miss Lenore.

I like the new layout a lot, but am not too hot on the new logo. 'Sides, Misha is already using it at the Rottweiler.


Me like!!! I think it's a big improvement. It's clean, simple, and yet visually distinct. Nice design! Wanna redo mine?

I like it, but I think you can do better.

George Lucas meets Depeche Mode (mid-80's). Still, I like it. Although I'm with Sekimori. Center it.

Change is good, though.


Um. No.

I mean, it's fine if you want to joke about dead Iraqi civilians and the WTC express elevator, but Alderaan was a peaceful planet.

I love the new layout but am not crazy about the logo. It just doesn't say "A Small Victor" to me somehow.

I like it.

But I liked Lenore, too, so ...

Bring back Lenore!

but Alderaan was a peaceful planet.

You would prefer a military target? Then name the system!

Well you don't have to be stuck with Lenore, but now you have a humor, whimsy, darkness and cuteness deficit.

I may take us a while to adjust.

Perhaps some Jhonen Vasquez characters would ease our withdrawl?

Ignore the pleas to center it. It looks fine where it is. Centering is the hobgoblin of ...

Besides there is only one vote that counts - yours. If there is anyone out there who is not going to read your site because of the logo - good riddance to stupid people.

Like it -- but centered would be just that much better.

Looks like a part from deep inside an old tractor. No, thank you.

Maybe if it was crushing Lenore, or if she was banging on it.

If George Lucas wanted to play a 45 on his turntable....

Robot Vagina icon! I like it.


Kinda like it.

It could be jazzed up just a tad. Right now it's kind of "Star Wars meets a part that fell out of my faucet."

Maybe make it a more logical tie to Small or Victory.

I don't mind the Star Warsy type face, but what is that thing in the middle of the banner?

BTW: Good work at the Command Post!

I don't like the logo because I can't tell what it is. However, I DO like its placement behind the name and off center. If you center it or put it to one side it will look lame and amateur, like my blog.

I repeat: Do not center it!


I like the layout--being able to read your posts is the sine qua non of the blog. The logo is your own decision; so is centering. Of course, you could be hinting that the victorious world is slightly off center...

Naw, it doesn't have any punch in my opinion. I know it's what you write that matters but you gotta face it, the first think new readers look at is the logo and/or images. You should do something nifty with Lenore. Put her up there and people will love it. Besides, wasn't Lenore kinda turning into something everyone associated with ASV.

It lacks the soul, the whimsy that one likes to see at ASV. It is, of course, your thing, and you must like it first. But I vote 'No'.

I miss Lenore, too.

Star wars?

Either Lenore or a Red Sox cap.
Your choice.

That's not a choice, that's blackmail!


The new layout is very bland to me. The old layout was quite stylish and distinctive, one of the best in the sphere. The new layout looks amateurish.

And I really miss the demon girl. Something about seeing her immediately put me in the right mindset for this site.

[Ed note: ]Derek must have lost his mind for a minute when he referred to the layout as amatuerish. Not only is it quite professional looking, but the PROFESSIONAL AND QUITE SUCCESSFUL web designer who put the layout in for me (a simple layout according to MY specs) is present in the comments and that's just rude. So, Derek, this one's for you:

Try a military unit patch as a logo. My old AF unit was one of the most 'evil' and coolest I've ever seen. I loved serving with the 5 BMW and that kick-ass unit emblem doubled that pleasure:


Tell me that would not make a very cool, very obscure logo! You'll get tons of email just asking what that means. You can tell them that the answer 'glows' 8^)

It is your blog, do what you like. I will admit that I loved the old design. It was fun to see what your background graphic would be from one season to the next. I also really liked the way the actual words just kinda slid over Lenore or the model dressed like a teenager or one of the other graphics you had. It was so very unique, and I will admit that the design drew me to your site.

How about Lenore wearing a Red Sox cap?

[Ed note: Johsua's comment was removed because Joshua forgot that DIRECT LINKING IMAGES IS A SIN!

You made the baby Jesus cry, Josh. Shame on you.]

I missed it! Where'd the old logo go so I can be an informed voter?

Sunidesus, I'm guessing bin 13, the round file, the bit bucket. It's kicked the bucket, shuffled off it's mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-LOGO!!

Ok, I admit it. Lenore kinda creeped me out.

But not as much as these. RC, my personal favorites. I miss working on these.



Oh shit, someone noticed that I was deep linking to a pic and replaced it with that kermit porn.


Joshua, the Kermit porn is somehow disturbing?

What's up with that?

We may be talking about different things when we refer to the layout, but I stand by my comment. The old design with the columns floating over a fixed picture was a really effective and unique design (after a brief period of mental adjustment). The new design is a bland gray background with bland gray title boxes and plain font titles. I base this judgment purely on my arbitrary aesthetic preference, but I can't believe I'm the only one who thinks the site looks plainer and less distinctive now. I do welcome back the demon girl.

And I apologize if I made you ruin your shirt.

Wind Rider, well before she replaced the comment, it looked like I was saying that ASV should be a muppet porn site.

Look at that smooth green felt.

I mean, that's not what I was talking about.

No no no. The logo is merely pining for the fjords.