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Don't Stop Believing: A Red Sox Flavored Contest

Sometimes you work hard to come up with things to write about and sometimes they are just handed to you on a red and blue platter. bocap.jpghe's doing it only one game into the season makes it even more enjoyable to view. What stopped me from writing the whole sordid story out was an email from Erik alerting me to a news story that would make for a cheap, mean-spirited contest. Far be it from me to let something like that go when it involves the Red Sox. bq. Boston Red Sox fans have given a name to their pain, choosing "Still, We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie" as the title of a documentary about their beloved, beleaguered baseball team. Nearly 8,000 people voted on a name for this movie and this is what they come up with? Still, We Believe. Is it just me or does that title make you think of a bunch of guys from Queens drowning their Mets sorrows in a case of Schlitz? I thought that whole believing in fantasy thing was the sole domain of Mets fans? Well, the fans spoke and they got their title. But I'm thinking that you guys could certainly come up with something better than that. I'll even mail all your suggestions to the Red Sox. Maybe they'll change their mind once they have something better put in front of them; a title that doesn't read like a saying engraved on the ass of a Precious Moment. Whether you're a Sox fan, a Yankee fan, or even if you don't give a crap about baseball, I'm sure you can think of a clever title to describe a movie about a baseball team's season that ended with them getting spanked by their hated rivals, in a so-close-yet-so-far manner. No cash prizes, but plenty of fame, fortune and hot chicks in leather awaiting the winner.


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How about: "Another Decade, Another Disaster - Red Sucking After All These Years."

How about "One More Pitch"? Or "Decision"? Pulling Pedro would have been the right decision (hindsight may be 20/20 but I said the same thing before he gave up the runs), so the title should revolve around this one critical moment.

"A Lot of Loose Shit"

I tried..seriously, I can't get into it. I have my own cross to bear. Today may be the only day all season long that I can say "The Rangers are only one game out of first".

Bucky, Buckner, and Boone. Oh my!

Botox for the BoSox - How fans can put the best face on 86 years of disappointment

Hey, shouldn't you be picking on Wonkette or something?!? Oh, well, I have a couple -

The Passion of the Sox - we're still waiting for the 3rd day

A Pitch Too Far - pronounced "fah"

"Star Wars 7: The Empire Always Wins!"

"I will now light myself on fire - A Bill Simmons Retrospective"

"Stop it, you're killing me"

"Pennant Pipe Dreams"

"Reason #1051 of why we hate the Yankees"

"The Passion of the Sox - we're still waiting for the 3rd day"


Some Sox fans are funny (from the article):

"But at least Sox fans still have a sense of humor. Among the title suggestions they posted on the Boston Globe Web site: "Dude, Where's My Bullpen?" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Wish I Didn't Know What You Did Last Fall."

"Something to Live For: What Red Sox Fans Have That Other Fans Don't"

"Apocalypse Averted!"

"Still crazy after all these years"

"Yet another year's pathetic 'highlights' we can watch to bring on a self-pity party while we cry in our beers"

Q: By the way, do you know the ONLY good thing about the Red Sox? (yes, there's only one, but it's an important one)

A: They aren't the Damn Yankees.

The Red Sox: Because You Haven't Seen Everything

"Manic Depression: A Study In Red Sox Pathology"

"Mayday Malone! Where ARE You?"

"This time, fer sure!" (or "fah shuah")

"Okay, I guess failure is in my vocabulary."


I also liked "Dude, where's my bullpen?" from the original article.

-- Erik
-- Erik

"Party like it's 1918"
(subtitled "'Cause heartaches like this should be passed on to future generations")

"A Pitch Too Far"
"Baseball NC-17 Style"
"The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of De Sox"

"We're #2. So what?"

Millions of Masochists: The story of the Boston Red Sox fans.

Of course, the simplest title would be "Boston sucks!", but even they're not dumb enough to title their own movie that.

Second choice: Kill Bucky. (That one you have to be as old as Michele for. Which I am certainly not.)

I need to read the article but I am in my happy place right now and don't need something to bring me down.

How about the always good
"Thank you Sir, may I have another"
"We dropped the soap"
"Pillowbiters 03, The Red Sox take it again"

How about "Still, We Suck".

No wait, trying to be positive. Ok, how's this then, "We Fail at Everything We Try".

Haha! But seriously this time. Maybe they'll like this one, "God hates Boston".

That's all I got. I should know better than to try to be funny.

Theatre of Pain

Bring da noize, bring da pain

Three Socks (cover of the England Football song Three Lions)

Curse of the Bambino

"Cowboy Up! and Other Stupid Things to Say When Your Team is Cursed"

Update: Today may be the only day all season long that I can say "the Rangers are only two games out of first".

How about this:

MotherFUCKER!: The Boston Red Sox Story.

(became a fan in junior high, 1987, right after &$&@* Buckner, during the Greenwell/Burks/Boggs/Clemens days.)

I'd have to go with the Red Sox perennial logo:

"Wait 'Til Next Year!"

or how about "Ooops... They did it again, they went and played with your heart!"

See what it's done to me??

The theme song HAS to be Rod Stewart's "Reason To Believe" though...

"If I listened WATCH long enough to you
Id find a way to believe that its all true
Knowing that you lied CHOKED straight-faced while I cried
Still I look to find a reason to believe"