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Do I Amuse You?

soxcomic.jpg Me v. Wonkette, immortalized in comic form.


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The cartoon dude speaks truth.

That's all I'm saying.

Michele would kick her ass. She'd feel bad about it later, though.

Will there be punch & pie?

Is it time to empty out the money-market account?

I'd pay top dollar to see you two slug it out in a tub of jello too. When's the PPV?

The Cuervo Gold offer is still open.

Um, speaking as a guy - I can honestly say the majority of your male readers would pay good $$$ for ANYTHING you do in public in a bikini..up to and including you and Wonkette sitting on stools on a lighted stage just reading your blogs aloud.

"Will there be punch & pie?"

Will there be ass-fucking?