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at last, this day is over

I am Stacy's bitch. This is only about the 100th time she has come to my rescue when I messed the site up. This is it, guys. The colors may change but I'm sticking with this layout. Lenore the little dead girl is officially retired forever. Thanks to everyone who offered help and/or templates. And thanks again to Stacy, the goddess of everything, including Sekimori Design. No moment of Zen tonight, as I must get some sleep. Instead, go visit Sgt. Hook and wish him well. 48 hours until he hits the theater in Afghanistan. Stay safe, Sarge.


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Michele has a new site design up - 3 columns even! Of course, she had to mess it up to fix it. I think it looks good.... [Read More]


Everytime I get the urge to try and install MT, I remember that I don't really need to go through things like this :-p

(Not that the jerry-rigging I've done on my site is any great thing, but at least it works)

Looks great!

I'm going to miss Lenore.

The rare and radiant maiden who the angels named Lenore. Nameless here, forevermore.

Wow Michele... The 3-column layout looks great! :D

Although I admit that before I read any of the entries, I thought I had stumbled onto the wrong blog because the look is so different. :->

But me likey this look. :)

Veddy niiiice! Stacy totally rawks.

Great re-design! Congrats on the spring cleaning.

Anyway, Lenore should get her own comic series.

A job well done.

But...but...but...you said not to worry. You said that Lenore would be back.

Good bye, Lenore...we hardly knew ye.

But I like this look. Very clean and neat.

Bug - The top graphic is busted on the individual archive pages.

Not bug...simply slow-assed rebuild because SOMEONE has nearly 6K entries...

Very nice Stacy...

Hey Michele, now that you have the laptop, maybe you need to start a "Buy Michele a copy of Dreamweaver" fund....

(runs, with ghost of little dead girl chasing him)

Ghost hell, generators are for pussies! Run boy...

Looks terrific. But can't you (or Stacy) put up a tiny little Lenore up at the top?

This looks wonderful. It's very clean and sharp looking. But I do miss the little dead girl.

Am I the only one who hates it? sigh

Looks great.

Slick. Very clean. I miss Lenore too, but I love this new design.

I agree with Tanya - the new design is extremely clean and easy to read. Kudos to Sekimori!

M: 3-column layout = good! And Lenore was nice - but I won't miss her. You, Michele, are "more" than Lenore.

Heh. It rhymes.

Well, it is much easier to read than the black on grey you'd used recently.

My initial reaction, though, was, "Wha?" I even looked at the address bar to see if I'd gone to the right place. I liked the older design, too. It was different than the other blogs. Not that different is always better, but yours was different AND better than lots of the others. This is better than those others, but conformist.

And I miss Lenore.

Nice, readable look (I'm thinking of moving my sponsors to a third column myself), but a bit more antiseptic than I expect from this site (then again, recalling the mood you were in when you switched to the dark gray look, this is a happier place to be at).

I like nice, clean, simple designs like this. You'd never know that from my own site because I just can't make myself resist cluttering things up for some reason probably having to do with my appalling lack of any taste whatsoever. But this design is damned nice just the same.

I would just like to point out for the record that there's no "design" here, it's just a basic three column template. I never do design for Michele...she likes to fiddle too much. :)

Nice, but I do miss Lenore.

Not like I don't have my own Lenore doll and a stack of comics at home, but she lent some visual atmosphere and was a great hook for newbies.

Oooohh, it's purrrty. But I must admit that I'm going to miss Lenore.

Design or no, I'm sure I speak for all of Michele's readers by saying THANKS as well for all the help you give her. Because of you, we get to read her work without the distractions of a broken site.

It's nice, but I must say I really liked the old look. Not that I have room to talk; my site's design is marginal at best. Anyway, I second the suggestion to bring the dead girl back somewhere on the page, even as a small graphic.

We need to start a bring back Lenore petition.