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To All the Jews I've Loved Before


Passover greetings to all my Jewish friends. Dave at Israelly Cool has a beginner's guide to Passover and some humorous links. Roger Simon has a nice Passover post. So does Imshin and Aaron. Of course, Winds of Change has some links for you.

Now read this: bq. Shortly after sundown tonight, Dick Reed will join a small group of other American Jews in Baghdad for a Passover service at one of Saddam Hussein's former presidential palaces. Passover in Saddam's palace. I certainly hope someone tells him about it. Maybe shows him pictures. And I love this quote from Navy budget analyst Dick Reed: bq. "I expect to have the Iraqi people very much in my thoughts during my Passover meal and services," the Fairfax County resident wrote in an e-mail from Baghdad. "I'm not smart enough to expound on the direct analogies between the Jews being saved from slavery and the Iraqis being saved from servitude to a demon like Saddam. But the analogy just somehow feels right to me. Feels right to me, too. Passover is about freedom. I think it's something we can all think about, celebrate and wish for everyone. Chag Sameach.


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Thank you for these links

This is as good a time as any to mention the Jooglebomb appears to have worked.

I only wish my seder could be in Saddam's palace! hope someone shares pics from THAT little gem of a dinner.

thanks for your wishes and acknowledgments..you're truly one of the good ones. ;-)

More on Pesach here too. (Actually I had more links last year.