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You may notice that I took down a post that was here this morning. It seems some people who read the post on this site then clicked over to the site I linked and began spamming the woman's comments and making physical threats against her and her children, among other vile things. This is a note to those people: People say and do all kinds of things on the internet. Some of those things are stupid or reprehensible or irresponsible. Making a threat against someone's life is a crime. Yes, even on the internet. If you are one of those people who clicked over to the site in question and either spammed the woman's blog or made threats against her and her family, I would prefer that you not come back here ever again. You are idiots. Stupid fucking idiots. Not only are you setting yourself up for trouble, but you done it my name if you got there from here. The issue here is not whether or not I thought the woman in question was guilty of the things I accused her of; I still stand by my words. But thanks to some goons with keyboards, I've had to take those words down so as not to be guilty by association, something one of Ms. Cramer's commenters (fuck you, Scott) seems to think. Grow up, people. It may be "just the internet" to you, but the people behind the computers are real. That makes your actions criminal. Not to mention idiotic. To the commenters at Ms. Cramer's blog. Kiss my fucking ass. You people are insane. Update: Let me make it perfectly clear that this in no way means I still don't think that Ms. Cramer is an irresponsible wingnut. I'm pissed at all of you.


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Figures Scott would be involved. And just as petty as ever.

She's linked from a lot of other sites, so who knows what traffic came from where.

You are correct about that behavior being idiotic.

You have to be careful with this sort of thing. It's perfectly ok to have an opinion about someone else's' site but as I'm sure you know from your own comment section, some of your readers are rabid defenders of you and anything they see as a threat to you. Sounds crazy doesn't it?
But they read what you write and feel your anger and want to 'help' you. They admire you and look up to you so they hunt and gather for you.
I've witnessed this behavior time and time again in your comments.
It's really sad and pathetic that they would go threaten someones life and her kids lives over an opinion but politics and religion, 2 subjects that bring out the worst in people.

Heck, I just went over and looked at what she said. Noted it for myself, moved on.

I thought that was the idea.

Thank Christ that no one reads my blog. Jesus, if I had fans, God knows what horrors would arise givenmy views on most things.

Anyhow, point taken Michelle.

Sigh. Kos was right about one thing, there are wingnuts out there. On both sides. And it's a looongg way till November. I guess not all the people here in bloggoland want to be pseudo-journalists - some have decided to be pseudo-hitmen. Woe unto you when the FBI comes a knockin, Mr (or Mrs.) Big Talker.

Keep up the good work, Michele.

Damned firewall...I miss all the good crap during the day!

"Thank Christ that no one reads my blog. Jesus, if I had fans, God knows what horrors would arise givenmy views on most things."

This comment made me laugh.
I have to assume, then, that your views on most things are religious in nature.
Or you really do believe Christ is blocking people from visiting you.

This is the first time I have been to your site. The very first post I read intrigued me. As a while back my site was attacked by trolls a few times, and some of the things they said were truly awful and insulting, and meant to hurt.

There were no out right threats, but you would think instead of making a case against homophobia of another site, or that I found old white guys over 40 consistently posting photos of Asian girls some of whom were obviously underage which I found disturbing and no longer wanting to be linked to them, I was asking the law to arresting these people and their fans.

I have NO IDEA what was being said, regarding this post but I do find it interesting you pulled your comments because people acted in an unacceptable way. The people who did that to me really encouraged that from their readers, it was like, "sending in the troops" to attack a stranger that they did not like what was being said.

To be honest. I really think people should think about linking to someone who they don't disagree with if their blogs are much much bigger than the ones they link. There is always someone who is real behind the screen.


I was just driving home and I heard Michael Reagan talk about a post on your site. You may get even busier than you have been. He was mostly talking about Kos but mentioned you and the site by name several times.

That's pretty neat. Keep up the good work.

They disagree with. Not don't disagree with.

Stupid me. I thought that Wonkette and you were just having a little fun. Ah, what do I know?
I don't go around threatening people over websites. Does that mean I don't get to kiss your ass? Dang! I never have any fun.

NoNoNoNoNo! This is NOT about Wonkette!

Very much off topic, but did you notice that the Jew Googlebomb seems to have worked :) Click my name to see! Hurrah!

I'm reminded of this utterance: "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest"


It's working but this is just the first stage. The goal is to get the anti-Semitic "JewWatch" site off the first page entirely at the very least.

Perhaps Ms. Cramer should think about that before she pisses on the grave of an innocent and creates all manner of trouble for the family he leaves behind by associating him with nazis.

Not that two wrongs make a right, but I'm having a really hard time getting all mushy and sympathetic where she's concerned.

Still, I wish they'd leave her kids out of it. They didn't choose to be born by a ghoulish cow.

Nicely done. (the, "you people making threats all suck" thing. not the post that was originally here-- I didn't see that one.)