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There's always room for Jello and/or Nomar!

I do believe that Ms. Wonkette has challenged me to a jello fight - with bikinis and tequila. I would love to, but I'm afraid that I'm all tied up for the next couple of months as baseball season has started and it's much more fun to fuck with Red Sox fans than to drunkenly slosh around in a vat of lime green jello with someone who is fascinated with John Kerry's penis. But, that's just me. It's now time to play everyone's favorite game of Stick Your Thumb in the Eye of Red Sox Fans. Now, if Bunsen challenged me to a jello fight, I'd have to accept. Especially if he was going to wear a bikini and maybe tug on my hair a bit. [Maybe I'm wrong about this but I think Wonkette might be in love with me]


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Whatever happened to pity for Sox fans?
We're really not bad people, just badly deluded.

wow, first Kurt, now this?? :)

The Sox can't possibly win an opener in Camden yards where somewhere in Right Field Babe Ruth lived as a kid.

Also, if Wonkette is in love with you...she (they) wouldn't be the first (or the last). I love you with wreckless abandon (whatever that means). And my wife knows it.

hmmm...maybe too much info there...time for more coffee--off to 7/11.

Pity for Red Sox fans?? Oh yes, being a Met fan, I can rememebr the pity we had for you folks after the '86 World Series...

but then Mets themselves became pitiful. Still, being a Corona boy at heart, I still 'gotta believe'.

Humble suggestions for Cat Fight:

Webcams & donations for viewing with all proceeds going to Chief Wiggles's deal.

yeah, yeah, yeah... pick on the Red Sox fans.

And is it just me, or is Wonkette a vastly overrated blog? I just don't see the appeal... then again, I'm just a small rodent in the blog ecosystem.

Jello fight between Michele and Wonkette! Do it during the blogathon with a video feed and you won't even need Meryl and Lawerence. You can buy a MBA ambulance all by yourself.

Drinking early again, aren't we?

Whazzup with the bikinis?

I vote jello fight!


Pretty please?

With whipped cream on top?

I'll even buy the tequila.

Cuervo Gold, if you forget the bikinis.

My Psychic Beagles picked Wonkette. Please come kill them.

Well, at least the Sox lost their opening game to a mildly good team. ;)

I'd pay good money to see you beat the crap out of Jello. Biafra, that is.

My solution: water pistols at 5 paces. Oh, and fill them with with Cabo Wabo.

this entire line is just sad on so many levels.

just as sad is the fact that the live webcast of "Catfight 1, the Jello Wars" will make enough to fund a presidential campaign.

Oh yea I got to get a big screen. What snacks are good for a catfight?

Big screen heck. High-def!