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question and psa

I'm thinking of getting this Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Any of you own this model? Review? Also, for those of you seeing black text with a dark background on this site, I don't know why because the content background was changed to white days ago. No matter, I'll be switching to a three column format today, with a decidely lighter look. Yes, Lenore will remain here. Don't panic.


I have several friends with Nikon Coolpix and they really like the way they function and the quality of photos. Certainly for under $300 that sounds like a good deal. You can get the Sony dsc-p92 5mp camera also for under 300...look for both in new condition on ebay.

oh yes... look at www.stevesdigicams.com for reviews on digital cameras.

I have the CoolPix 2100 - only 2 megapixels - and it ROCKS. Best pictures I've ever taken. Really easy to use, great features, and none of that grainy quality that you sometimes get with digitals. I would bet that the 4300 would be even better. It seems like a good one for the money!

i highly recommend this site http://www.imaging-resource.com/
they have amazing reviews/descriptions of the cameras and a cool little comparison tool.
we went with a minolta dimage z1 - its got a 10x zoom and you can find it for about the same price as the nikon.

I have the 3100. EXCELLENT. I bet the 4300 is even better. Here is a review.

Michele - I see gray w/black text -the far right column is about 25% of the screen and is blank (1st column is entries, 2nd is lists and stuff, 3rd column is blank) - is that right? I can send a screenshot if you like...

I love my 4300. The only issue (and this is with any digital point & shoot, not just Nikon) is lag time. There's a few seconds delay between hitting the button and getting the picture.

I took practically every pic at my daughter's page with the Nikon 4300.

We have the 5400, very nice. The product family is very easy to use and gives goos results. Only downside, endemic to the beast, is the ~2 sec delay between pressing the shutter release and the actual taking of the picture. It can be annoying and can cause lost pictures.

I have a Nikon 995 and our school used to have a Nikon D100 digital before it was stolen. I've also shot with Nikon film cameras (N90s) for several years. The products are dependable and produce really good pictures.

I don't see how you could go wrong with that one.

And FWIW, the delay doesn't disappear until you spend at least $1,000 list. ;-)

We have a Sony MVC FD91 that is getting a bit long in the tooth but has served us well. Some of the "shutter" delay can be removed by pre-loading the autofocus on this model. In general, go for optical zoom range rather than digital zoom. I lust after the new Nikon D70, but room an board has to come first.

Your color scheme seems to depend on the browser being used. IE gives black on white, white on grey and grey for the three columns, while Mozilla gives black on grey, black on grey and grey. I have no idea why the difference. JW

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I don't have that model, but do have an earlier model. In short, I love it. It has good functions, takes fairly high res photos, and has been used for both web and commercial print purposes. Drawbacks: will eat up lots of batteries in a hurry, extreme zoom has serious resolution drawbacks. Postitives: reliable, high-quality, also hides well on trips. You could do a LOT worse than this camera, and the price is very good.

I love my Coolpix 4300! It is absolutely amazing. Only drawbacks: The 2-second delay on the shutter really doesn't bother me as much as the horribly sorry battery power. I have three batteries for mine and they are constantly running low, despite a fresh charge.
Don't get me wrong though.. I love my camera, but it definitely needs some work in the battery department. Just a heads up, but I'd still definitely recommend it!

Go out and get this camera. I got one for Christmas, IT kick major butt.

I use two Nikon Coolpix cameras, one at 3MP, the other at 5MP. Both take great pictures and are very easy to use/download. For daily stuff, I prefer the 3MP camera as it's small enough to tuck into my pocket or purse, but the 5MP can't be beat for clarity.

Only buy digital cameras that have huge lenses.

CCD's are even less light sentitive than film, and if you don't have a big old style lens (remember what 35 mill SLR's looked like?) then you'll regret it.

Mine can't even focus under indoor lighting, can't take a picture without the flash (except outside at mid day or in the middle of an H-Bomb test).

They don't have the dynamic range of film either, so you can't take a picture in the dark and then boost it in photoshop.

Get one with a lens as big as old style SLR or nearly so. You'll thank me.

And don't be fooled by the case. The CoolPix has a small lens, but stuffed it's pants with a huge black plastic tube around it.

If it doesn't stick out a half an inch or more, it's fake.

I see the old color scheme no matter what, even after deleting the entire mozilla cache and doing reloads.

However, on individual posts (if you click on the permalink), the background is white. I hope that makes sense.

I have the 4300. I like it, though it has certain limitations.

The picture quality is very good. The presets are good, but there's no high-speed preset, which bugs me. The automatic mode is less good than I'd like -- the presets are more useful. It's easy to navigate.

The delay is annoying, but I found Canon's more annoying. The battery power -- well, it's fine if you don't actually use the display screen too much (you can turn it off). It doesn't come with a memory card (8 megs doesn't count).

The best plan is to go to a camera store and try out Canon and Nikon cameras (considered the best for image quality) and buy the one you like more.

I found the best prices at Epinions.

I had a 950, and it was good, but the Digital Elph (s230, now s400) blow it out of the water.

The nikon was extremely finikey IRT how the card was formatted, and if it wasn't just so, the camera would lock up and the only way to unfreeze it would be to pop the battery.