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Sorry, Jim

I am a thief. Well, not really a thief, just really lazy. I stole the phrase "Kos and Effect" from Jim Treacher. I've been ordered to make retributions to Jim, so I have agreed to pay for Jim's trip to Kosymel and Kosta Rica and a full shopping spree at Kostco. While this is all going to be very kostly, I don't mind, kos I like to pay my debts in full.


Why not a trip to Kosovo? It's lovely this time of year.

Truth or Kosequences? I got nuthin'.

Man, the comments here are Kostic!

I don't really want to get into this whole mess, but one thing you and Glenn both stated incorrectly was that Kos "took down his site." If you read the following post you will see that it wasn't out of the implied need to be an activist:


Glenn corrected it, if you could to that would be nice.

Too, with two o's. Sorry.

Show me where I wrote that Kos took down his site.

Seriously? It is right in your second to last post, the one entitled "Kos and Effct" Well, you didn't "write" it per se, but you quoted the statement inside your post. The only reason I even bring it up is because when I read the statement I stopped reading your site and jumped to Kos' to see if in fact he had taken it down. I don't for a second believe it to be malicious, I am just saying it is wrong. You quoted Mr. Reynolds on something he has since corrected.

We should get Bob Kostas to announce this epic battle of the Blogosphere.

"but one thing you and Glenn both stated incorrectly was that Kos "took down his site." "

That sentence is very misleading.


Klearly the K in "Bill K" is for kissing Kos' keister.

(I got nothin' too).

Seems more kosmetic than substance to me...

Kome visit us in Kalifornia. You'll like the klimate. Southern Kalifornia, that is, a safe distance from Kosville (and a safer distance still from Kosovo).

Krap, I got nothin', too.