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More Joogling, Sandler Style

See this post first. Apologies to Adam Sandler, though I don't think he would mind Imshin is jewish, Tepper is, too put them together what a fine blogging jew! You don't need the al Jazeera or Reuters biased crews cause you can read Jew School or Haaretz Daily News (both jewish!) Sekimori - NOT A Jew!, but geuss who is? The guy from Israeli Cool! ! We got Ann Lieberman and her Jewish blog sister, dear Leslie, and Rossi is a New York Jew, not too shabby. Some people think, Mr. Rantburg is, well he's not but guess who is - Belle de Jew is! So many Jews are in the bloggin biz Shabot 6000 isn't but I heard the Head Heeb is! I just know that someone would like to pick up the next verse or two, right? Just follow the Joogling instructions.


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yeah we Jews are everywhere...haven't you heard, we're trying to take over the world!

What's the proper modifier for Passover? Happy got 11,000 hits, Merry got 7, Productive got zilch.

As much as I dislike Sandler, rhyming "Scrooge is" with "Stooges" was brilliant.

The Jews that I know, don't celebrate Easter,
but I still love them, for the yiddish word "keister"!

Charles Johnson's a Gentile
It's quite a bum-mer
But guess who isn't?
Allison Kaplan Sommer.

Guess who says HaMotzi,
And guess which others chime in?
Tal G, Solly Ezekiel
And Roger L. Simon.

Some people think
Allah's a Jewish lion.
Well, he's not--but guess who is:
Both Yuppies of Zion.

You don't need Antiwar
Or Van-guard News
When you can spin a dreidl
With the Kesher Talk or Jewsweek crews!

Put on your yarmulke
It's Goo-gle bomb-ica
Slapping down some Nazis
In this medium electronic-a
So smoke yourself some chronic-a
And click that linky on-ica
If you really, really want-ica
Join this Google Google Google bomb-ica.

(needs a gin and tonic-a)

And don't forget Judith at Kesher Talk-
I'm damned if I can find a rhyme for that.
And another Jew is I -
The Grateful California China Cat.


I'm Jewish, too...with a name like Gandelman waddya expect? I even tried to sell a Jewish game show to NBC but they didn't want it: it was called The Price Is Too Much.

twirls hair

Gosh, thanks, Michele! Although my mom would probably disagree with you; she's calling me "the little heathen" now.