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Better Late Than Never

Yesterday, I promised to upload song number one on my list of Five Songs I Can't Live Without. You can read the reason for this song being a chosen one right here. Faith No More - Helpless mp3 Lyrics below
The air is warm I hear the wind and the trees I know I'm there, but I'll never be The wind is soft tonight, the tide is low And I know the way (I never felt better now) Sometimes life, it moves too slow Slows to a crawl, and then the poetry is lost And without speed, hope becomes certainty And for once I'm certain (I never felt better now) A garden is it's own perfect world Where everything has a place Every leaf, every stone, every speck of dirt But where's my place? I even tried to get arrested today But everyone looked the other way I count the hours, and I count the days But for once I'm certain Don't want your help Don't need your help Don't want your help Don't need your help Helpless You found a way to make me say Help me please someone The water's clear I see that it's full of dimes For every wish, I wonder why Why all I want is something beautiful A place to rest (I never felt better now)


My first glance at your post, I thought it said Faith Hill. (Sorry, I'm relatively new here. I didn't mean to upset you.)

Great background story on that song. It's amazing how context can make a song, or in this case an album, exponentially more powerful than it would be on its own.

I saw these guys way back in the day. They were opening for some Guns N Roses concert. And now I can't remember if it was the GNR/Metallica tour or the Sound Garden/GNR tour a couple years before that. God, I'm getting so old I can't remember my concerts.

Careful, Michele. The RIAA may be after you! heh.

FANTOMAS tomorrow (04.05.04) night, Michele....just a sidelong, last-minute warning. Patton strikes again.

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