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Riddle Me This, Zapatero

Got a riddle for you. Q: What do you get when you cross a terrorist attack and appeasement? A: You get Spain! Man, electing that Socialist appeaser sure looks like it might have been a bad idea. Hindisght is a bitch. Sources say that terrorists have been demanding that Spain pull out of both Afghanistan and Iraq or they'll start blowing shit up. Where's King Solomon when you need him?


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As I've said before, both here and elsewhere, the willfully blind logic of appeasement is this: if we just surrender "enough," then everything will be OK. Never mind that that there is no "enough" short of our total obliteration, since our enemies' ultimate goal is the destruction of the West as a civilization, and their means to that end the deaths of as many people as possible.

Looks like the Spanish are dedicated to fighting terrorism, you know like arresting the ones living in your country. Very sad to see a police officer and civilians dead or injured. This is a sign the current Spanish government is working to fight terror not laying down in the face of terrorism. Geez, way to take a story out of context.

btw, the Spanish haven't pulled out of either Iraq or Afganistan.

Political Animal has had some very good recaps of the Spanish election. The Spanish people voted the Aznar and his party out of office because they lied about who bombed those trains, that's my personal opinion and there is evidence to support my view.

The last time I saw King Solomon, his ball was in a sand trap on the 14th hole at Pebble Beach....

This is a sign the current Spanish government is working to fight terror not laying down in the face of terrorism. That's like saying I'm tough on crime because I avoid being shot. Yeah, the Spanish police are gonna take steps to avoid having another 200 Spaniards blown up, no fucking shit.

They haven't pulled out of Iraq, yet, but they've pledged to and they're going to and it was because of the bombing. The vote wasn't based completely on the bombings but that was what tipped the scales. They're just using "Aznar lied" as an excuse, that's my opinion and there is very good evidence to support my view. Hopefully they won't pull out of Afghanistan when more bombs start going off on trains.

When Spain crawls away from Afghanistan, the Muslims will then demand that they retreat from Spain.

Laurence, I believe you mean "from Al Andalus."

What do you get when you cross a penis with a potato?

A dick-tater!

(sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Even if King Solomon were around to be consulted, neither Spain nor the terrorists would take his advice, because he's a Jew.

You should know that, Michele.

Spain? Why, god, why? I thought France or Germany would surely belly-up before SPAIN.

Make yourself a soft target and you get bullied? Who would have thought it.

Wow, it's good to see how much support and concern we, the American people, are willing to give to Spain, our supposed ally, as it falls under terrorist attack. You know, if the Spanish had said after September 11th that the US deserved it because we elected that warmonger Bush, I doubt it would have been taken well.

God forbid anyone doesn't do exactly what you want them to. Considering there are American soldiers getting killed right now in Iraq (two marines just died in Anbar) a lot of Spaniards could be making similar statements to this one about the US, only in reverse.

We're a great ally, we are. I can't imagine why more nations don't line up to be our friends.

Our ally? They are preparing to pull out of Iraq. They stopped being our ally last month when they decided to become a socialist country.

Andrew R:

You might want to get the context in hand before spouting off. The new Socialist government does not take over for a couple of weeks yet.

OK, I don't get this. The big terrorist attack that killed almost 200 people in Spain occurred on the former government's watch. Three terrorists blowing themselves up and killing no civilians happened under the current government's watch.

How does this go to show that Aznar's government's terorrism policy is superior to Zapatero's? If Zapatero had been in power during the Madrid, I'm sure I'd be reading dozens of blog posts arguing that his policy of appeasement was responsible for the attacks. Actually, I'd wager that the Spanish populace would have voted him out of office on those grounds too, and chosen a pro-Iraq-war leader to replace him.

Our ally? They are preparing to pull out of Iraq. They stopped being our ally last month when they decided to become a socialist country.

England is socialist.

We have alliances and treaties with quite a few socialist states, actually. I wasn't aware that we were so fickle an ally as that, and I'm sure it's news to the British that they aren't our allies anymore. Especially since they've been socialist through the entire war. After all, the Labour Party is still in power there, yes? The party of Tony Blair?

Spain stopped being America's ally when they exercised their democratic right? I wonder why people deplore America's attitude to supporting democracy in other countries - democracy so long as you vote in pro-US governments.

You guys are conveniently forgetting the "pull out of Iraq" part. That was the first thing out of Zapatero's mouth when he won the election.