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Terror Alert: Yellow DoublePlusGood!

I don't know how to handle this: bq. Greg Hull, security chief for the American Public Transportation Association, said Friday the transit systems are at "code yellow-plus" following the bulletin about a possible terror plot from the FBI and the Homeland Security Department. Normally when the terror alert is raised, I break out a pair of Chucks of the appropriate color. !http://www.asmallvictory.net/archives/yellow.jpg! That's my yellow alert. So what do I do with a yellow plus alert? Do I find a pair of baby Chucks? Maybe Photoshop the yellow sneaker so it's a darker, almost orange yellow? Hmm..they make Chucks in something called New Gold. Well, if they go up to alert Yellow DoublePlusGood, I'm complaining Homeland Security.


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That does it. The APTA is now on double secret probation.

Yellow socks.

Harvest gold, and avocado green.

Yellow chucks, Photoshop in a satin ruffle or something

(yes, I know their hideous)

Replace the star with a big plus sign.

Or maybe a pair of socks with plusses on them.