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thought of the night

Why do I continue to be surpised at the moral smugness of some people? You would think I'd be used to this by now. Yet, I am continually amazed at the rigtheousness of those who make their own halos.


Oh, give me a freaking break, Michele.

'Fess up. Who is this directed at? Let's get it all out on the table, babe.

Don' flatter yourself,Dru. If it was about you I would have come out and said so.

I stole my halo.

Drublood*, you give us all a break: considering your nasty and stupid comments -- to this post -- particularly your sneer at Ironbear's comment about his friends who died doing their job in a place I doubt you'd have the courage to go anywhere near -- I have no problem saying that you are one of the smuggest, smallest-minded internet skanks whose words I have had the displeasure of reading. I just got out of the shower; now I feel like taking another one after reading what you wrote.

*Ooh, your scary Goth-Pagan™ name frightens me! Not.

On second thought, this post very well could be about you Dru, even if it wasn't intended that way.

Nice post you made about ASV today. I especially like the part where you call my readers dimwits.

I really liked this part:

"Rope it off. 24 hour warning, then bomb it into a parking lot. Pieces of shit." (I'm assuming this person is not talking about Iraq and not Michele's blog, although the latter is an intriguing idea, and far less hateful and violent.)

Is my blog not as important as the people of Fallujah? How can you be so cruel and uncaring about my blog? It has feelings, too! Oh, such unfairness.

Hey Andrea,

If you feel like that after reading Dru's posts here, head on over to her blog and read some of the comments from her peanut gallery. You'll need to shower with sulfuric acid to get the stain out:


And I support the troops. I support them coming home alive.
I support them disobeying orders.
I support them shooting at their higher-ups rather than Iraqis.
I support them rebeling and making it impossible for the U.S. to wage war or occupy nations. -posted by Zagg

Nope, Dru, nothing hateful and violent about that...

They have to make their own haloes because they know they'll never earn one.

Bahahaha. I thought you'd like that piece about your blog.

I was thinking someone ought to do one of those quiz memes about "What A Small Victory Pigeonhole Insult Best Suits You"

Are you:

a Wingnut
a Moonbat
"morally smug"

...any others? I can't think of them off the top of my head...

OH, yeah - a COW TWAT!

hahahahahhaha! I think that's the best one yet. I think the person who hurled that one must be well-acquainted with them!

Enjoy your evening.

I've been kinda punchy all day . . . Michele, can you bottle up whatever it is you got that attracts these goofballs and sell me some? I need something or someone to hit.

Oh, no. I just suggested violence against another human being. And . . . and . . . and it FELT GOOD. Am I going to hell for that?

Can someone point me to just ONE 'blog' where the comments don't consist of a bunch of nitwits fighting amoungst themselves?

Is my blog not as important as the people of Fallujah?

Yeah, and your blog never killed anyone, Michele.

But about Lenore; she was dead when you found her, right?

I believe your continuing surprise
stems from your desire. Inherently
you assume goodness. Re your recent
post about the absence of muslim
"moderates" before/after the removal
of the paliswinian formerly known as
Morals (excepting right & wrong)
are learned behavior.
You are tolerant...You assume others are.
If you have respect...Others will.
Dayum I think I've missed the smugness
component. Blame Bill Quick over at
Eject Eject Eject I'm still reelin

If I assume that it's Okay for crusty
old farts to have young, attractive,
female HEROs; would you be mine? :

Bill Whittle is EjectEjectEject, and as fine an essayist as I've ever read. Bill Quick is Dailypundit, and as big a manwhore as I've ever read. BIG difference.

TKX for the correction. My Bad.
And I know Better.
It was late And I had Visions
of Michele nekked (except for a
packers helmet)

Can someone point me to just ONE 'blog' where the comments don't consist of a bunch of nitwits fighting amoungst themselves?

Most of the comments over at my place seem to be about penis enlargement pills.

Yes, TXVet, that keeps many of us up nights. leer

Oh lordy.

Pot meet kettle meet ramp meet shark.

Why isn't Vince fish food yet?

The fish would spit him out.