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Wizbang Baby

As some of you may know, Kevin of Wizbang blog and his lovely wife are expecting their third child (first two are twins). They were actually expecting the child on Friday, as that is the date a C-section was scheduled for. The problem with kids is they never do things when you tell them to. The new Wizbang baby is no different. Mrs. Wizbang went into labor last night. Kevin will call my cell when anything happens, i.e., a baby popping out. I'll be not only guest posting at Kevin's blog while he is on maternity leave, but I'll be in charge of the whole damn thing. Which means I can do anything I want, such as having a "Name the Baby" contest. The Wizbang family are notorious procrastinators (except for the new kid, obviously), and have yet to pick out a name for the baby boy that will be here any minute. So keep watch over at Wizbang for baby updates, and go pick out a weird name for their child. By the way, the twins are named Flotsam and Jetsam, so that gives you something to go on.


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From inside the womb: "April fools!"

Won't Kevin be on "paternity leave." hehe.

DAMN! Mark beat me to it! Paternity is the fatherly-thing!