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Tonight's Moment of Zen

I seriously think everyone should do this, every night. It's good for you. [click for bigger] You can find Izzy and other photos over at the gallery.


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I went out with my 17 year old daughter tonight. I am divorced and she lives with her mom, so getting a chance to hang out with her is something I don't get to do everyday.

Your picture of your daughter reminds me of my girls when they were young. I would carry them up the stairs to bed a lurch back and forth like a drunken sailor. They would roar with laughter and cling to my neck for safety. Then I'd toss them into their respective bunk-beds. I miss those times terribly.

Sitting with my daughter, over her shoulder I saw CNN on a television showing footage of the atrocities in Fallujah. She was talking to me about things that went on today in her school, She hadn't read the papers today, and was blissfully unaware of what had happened, that behind her in full view was an unspeakable display of evil.

Your heart is in the right place, Michelle. Give your kids a kiss. Know that they are safe tonight and have a fine mother.

In keeping with your spirit of Zen-ness, I'll withold my feelings of disgust at tonite's South Park for some other post, some other time...

Instead, after doing some post-Air Force retiring processing bullshit this evening, I come home to hear from my dear wife that my recently-moved-out daughter defended me to her sisters in the faraway land of Ireland...money-related, of course.

We're bound to be in the right sometimes, even when we're 47.

Best one yet. Brought me a smile at the end of a sad day. Thank you.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm loving the Moments of Zen.

I know you deleted my last comment, but this is a cute rug-monkey. The last one looked wierd.

This is a wonderful idea, Michele.
Anyone with a heart ought to be compelled to take a long pause from the verbal warfare after seeing a photo such as that...