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now and later

I'm done ranting. I swear. I just needed to get that out of my system. I'm going to have a nice cup of herbal tea (Raspberry Zinger with a slice of lemon) and help the kids with some school projects. I am trying to find some zen in this day. Hell, in this week. Month. Year. Don't forget to go over and join the Five Songs party. I'll be posting my own Five Songs here a little later tonight. They are not the same as I posted over at Dodd's two years ago. In fact, only one on that list remains today. Some of you might even be able to guess which one. Zen. Zen. Zen. Update: Almost forgot! Go read the April Fool's edition of the CotV. Lots of blogging goodness and some foolery fun.


Just bot a Scrabble computer game.

Zen is not an allowable word. Go figure.

Zen is capitalized, that's why!

Oh come on, as a consultant, I use the word every day, translating my instructions to our French speaking compatriots:

First, you install the software; Zen, you.....

Michele, I'm hoping that we might have six months or so of relative quiet after the 2004 elections, provided Bush wins. Then, the 2008 Democratic Party's Presidential nomination campaigns will begin and all hell(ary) will break loose.

I need a soma holiday.

Xanax. Xanax. Xanax.

Even better, Toren.