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Reviving the SQotD with the FSYCLW

quest.jpgThe Sporadic Question of the Day has returned. This time, I've taken someone else's idea from long ago and revived it. So, by way of Dodd circa 2001, I invite you to go make your contribution to the the Five Songs list thingie. Five Songs You Can't Live Without Oh, look at this! The Yanks are leading 12-1. Guess that whole "Yankees suck" thing will be short lived. Hah.


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Nah, the Yankees suck thing is a universal constant.


Woke up. Got out of bed. Clark hits a bomb, Posada hits a bomb. My day is wrecked.

God I hate the Yankees.

Wind Rider pretty much sums it up for me...

Win or lose, the Yankees still suck...

Small world. I thought of you when I read the story my name links to.

Geez. That yellow question mark is killing my eyes. I will never hit that link again.

Michele, oh Michele... you KNOW better than that... the Yankees suck ALL THE TIME!