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New comment policy for ASV:

If I deem that you are being an asshole, I will delete your comment. My definition of "being an asshole" varies from post to post. I owe you no explanation if your comment is deleted. I owe you no explanation if you have been banned from commenting. If you email me asking why you have been banned or your comment has been deleted, I will delete your email. If you've been reading this site for any amount of time, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out on your own how you have pissed me off.

If you find your comment has been replaced with the following image (or a similar image, depending on the circumstance), consider that your first and only warning.



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Let me guess.

The puppies are going through a list of nasty ailments...

You are worn out and ready to strangle the next fool you see...

Said fool has less on the ball than a dhimmicrat after a three day bender...

Satan refused to take your soul, saying that there was nothing he could do that would be worse than what you're going through now.

God, you are cranky when the Yankees lose.

Y'know, now I want to piss you off just so I can see that picture again. Though I'd rather have a t-shirt, come to think of it. Are there such t-shirts? I believe I must have one.

A rousing Harrumph
and nods of agreement
from the gallery.

And thanks for the Happy Bunny Link.
My wardrobe needed a spring spruce up

For what its worth, ponder this:

What is worse?

Having a blog with lots and lots of comments, some of which are annoying

Having a blog with few if any comments.

(15 years ago you could substitute 'answering machine' for 'blog' and ask the same question)

In light of the new policy, I've decided to change my name.

After all, as they sing in Repo Man, nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole.

The latter...
I think getting rid of comments is a sign you need to take a break from blogging.

Adjusting your comments to weed out that arses however is a rather good idea.

As soon as the new MT is available, I'm implementing registration myself.

The cretin and asshole factor has gotten too high. Not to mention that it's gotten impossible to keep up with all the traffic, and I'm getting really, REALLY sick of fucktards who leave me a comment and then start crowing "see! see! he has no answer, I knew he was full of shit!" when I don't respond.

Heh. That bunny picture is my icon on another message board.

It's probably an immutable natural law: As time progresses, all electronic forums (fora?) asymtotically approach Usenet in style and content.

Um, Charlie on the PA Turnpike, I disagree with your analogy. Once you get past your teen (or maybe college) years, there are few things in life more annoying than an answering machine with lots and lots of messages on it.

Pablo Picasso is an iconoclast. So there.

Dean, I'm still waiting for you to explain your refusal to review the designs of my perpetual motion machine. You know the thing works; stop the conspiracy. Kerry will pound Bush in the Fall!(heh heh -- why aren't there more jokes like this?) Bush cried! People lied!

if being a smart-ass is the same as being an asshole, I think I'm in trouble.

I say get rid of the comments altogether.

Happy Bunny is more appropriate than goatse. Thank you much.

Hey! I want a bunny in the e-mail. :(
Actually, I'm rather shocked that I haven't received one (assuming you would choose to do so, as you mentioned in your post that you only do that when you are feeling nice). Michele you are amazingly patient and lenient. :)

I have no problem registering.

The one thing I hate about deleted comments is that it piques my curiousity to no end. I just really want to know what it was that got deleted.

DEAN: I know I'm late to the party on this thread, but by-the-by, I think you're full of shit.

Comment moderation roolz.

I've been thinking that if I ever start a blog, it's main purpose will be to amuse me, to carry on conversations that interest me, and to make my day more pleasant. As such it makes perfect sense to me that I can delete, ban or mess with people's posts in any way that make me happier and my blog more pleasant or amusing to me.

As Michael Feldman [almost] says "stickers for the truth can get their own blogs"

People who want to maintain open discussion with those they completely disagree with might consider posting some sort of Troll Alert system on their blogs, like home security's color system.

During troll seasons, like presidential campaigns, you could go into some high Defcon alert with a warning posted that this blog is now deleting and banning everyone who thinks he or she can save the world by performing the magic troll ritual of calling the proprietor or posters moral failures, baby killers or Resmugwhatevers...

By the way, I was the first person to post that particular bunny into one of these comments.

That's the bunny I got when I took the "what happy bunny are you" quiz.

If being a smart-ass is the same as being an asshole, we're both in trouble, Dave. ;]

at least I won't be in the penalty box alone...

I couldn't have been more dissapointed with Oreily's face off with Moore. He totally missed calling him out on his many Anti-American quotes and comments over the past few years. Its interesting to note that while conservative pundits are allways willing to debate their Liberal counterparts, Moore is constantly dodging any real opportunities to defend his propaganda.

Yes, i agree totaly, with that!

Yes, i agree totaly, with that!