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1976, Stephen Green and Rockets Red Glare

Incredibly busy day at work here today, hence the light blogging. I did want to drop in to tell you about the dream I had last night. I was driving in a car with Stephen Green when I turned to him and said "Since 1976, I've been worried about them destroying our infrastructure." At that point, rockets started falling from the sky, blowing up highways and train tracks. Stephen looked at me and said "Hey, you remember the gas shortage in the 70's and waiting on those lines? "Yes, I do." "Won't matter if there's another gas shortage what with no roads and all." There were several other people in the car, none of whom I recognized. But they were all wearing red, white and blue shirts that had iron-on decals that said 1976 in a real groovy font. What was very cool about this dream is that it was in black and white. I have never, ever dreamed in anything but color. It felt very Wizard of Oz-ish. At one point I asked Stephen if he was going to blog about the rockets or should I? Anyhow, back to work.


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Very cool dream.

So if the dream was in black and white, at what point did you determine that the other unrecognizeable people in the car were wearing red, white, and blue shirts? Different values of grey?

I have dreams like that when I can tell stuff that I shouldn't be able to tell. Like when I dream about people I know (some of them are even bi-atches, hee hee) but they look completely different.

Everyone dreams in black and white... dreaming in color is just a pigment of your imagination.

I dream in color, but when people from TV and movies make appearances (like John Wayne, The Three Stooges, and Andy and Barney) they always appear in B&W.

In the next dream featuring me, Michele, I expect at least a little nookie.

Well, I did slap your ass at some point. Does that count?

Girl, I don't know what you are eating before bed but send me some! I haven't had a dream that vivid since I dreamed of wrapping my car around a tree! Then it happened about 2 weeks later but that's a whole other story.

How many times have I told you to sniff glue only after waking up and not before going to bed?

It's the dreaming about blogging that gets me. I've had it happen too, though usually I'm dreaming about actually blogging rather than thinking about blogging what I'm dreaming as it happens. Trust me, dreaming about the actual technical part of the thing is not nearly as exciting.

Can we get pictures?

Well, I did slap your ass at some point.

Unfaithful hussy tramp! ;)