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limericks and pictures

If you haven't read all the Yassin limericks, go now. Put your drinks down first. Thanks for all the name suggestions for the photoblog. I went with my own, which is not a very exciting or clever name, but one I really like nonetheless. And that's my sister's eye in the graphic.


Nifty pix, Michele - and the name of the gallery is just fine.

This is completely and totally off-topic, but you were the first person I thought of that could answer the question.

I downloaded an RSS feed reader the other day and it came already subscribed to Neil Gaiman's journal. I'd never read anything of his before (even with all your plugging, sorry) and I'm really enjoying it. So, here's the question. What of his do you think would be a good introduction? A first book for me to read?

Thanks for indulging my off-topicness!