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I need a name for the Photoblog. Can't come up with a neat design or logo until I have a good name.


How about "I Spy With My Little Eye"?

"A Small Pic-tory"?


Good one EVIL OTTO!

The Unblinking Eye?

Incriminating Pictures?

A Small Vision?

A Small Pictuary?

A picture is worth 1024 words?

Photographic memories?

Fire Photo Torpedoes?


Warning: Proud Mother with Pictures?

Weird Load?

Doing strange things in the name of art?

Not-so-secret diaries?

A long strange trip?

I like taking a common word for something that everyone else is already doing, plugging it into a thesaurus and seeing what other "hi-brow" words fall out.

Oh damn, there goes one of my secrets...

My Mind's Eyes


Scratch that.

A Mind's Eye


Eye of the Beholder.

Pictures of Ewe - complete with an unbearable midi file of The Cure song.......

....it's unbearable because midi files suck. The Cure are awesome.....


Picture this

Camera Obdura - As in not giving in to persuasion. Which defines anyone as independent-thinking as you.

A Thousand Words