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almost there....

godz0328.jpg Go, go Godzilla! Less than two weeks. I can almost smell the peanuts and cracker jacks.


If only you weren't a yankees fan.


You're not the first person to use that line on me, Joe.

Nor will he be the last. :-P

Umm, are you aware that the Yankees open the REGULAR SEASON in TWO DAYS?

They start early vs the Devil Rays in Japan.

Yes, but I'm looking towards the home opener.

Kay. I know the feeling.

I imagine it isn't the same thing as being at Yankee Stadium, but I too love the first home game. Especially when my cousin gets his company's luxury suite! I tell ya, being up there doesn't wreck the cheap seats' experience, but it does make you much more aware of the lack of elbow room.

Being a Bostonian, I'm required by statute to hate New York teams. Never the less, I could at least respect a Mets fan.

"Never the less, I could at least respect a Mets fan."

We all have our quirks, Joe.


I'm looking forward to the new season as well. We're coming for you, and this year there's no Grady Little to save you, nor Jason Giambi and his two steroid induced homeruns. As Curt Schilling said "You thought 2001 sucked? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

I'm sure you will be able to beat out Seattle for the wild card. ;-)

Don, I shall save that comment in my "Red Sox Fans Will Eat Their Words" file.

Man, we are getting the rivalry out of the gate early this year.

Go Cubbies!


I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago. Quite the informative article. Such the keen mind.

But now I see that you are merely demon spawn. sigh

Oh well, nobody's perfect.

"Go, go Godzilla!"

To go off on a slight tangent,The Groovie Ghoulies latest release - Monster Club (see review here) - has a fantastic song called The Lizard King which serves both to venerate the original Godzilla AND diss Jim Morrison, while rocking the house down.

What more could one possibly ask for?