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Fun with Photos

I've been wanting to install some kind of photo gallery software on the site forever. It's only today I realized that Hosting Matters will do this for you. It was on my C-Panel the whole time, just waiting for me to click the button. So click I did. And in under a minute, I had a photo gallery. Just another reason to love Hosting Matters. I just started uploading the first of about 2,000 photos. You can start here with my pics from when I went to Ground Zero. There are a couple of pics here of David's soccer game today. Let me tell you, watching three year olds playing soccer has to be the best way to forget all the crap going on in the world. Cutest thing ever. Come visit my gallery opening!


Have fun with your gallery. Adorable soccer pics. I, too, have posted some 9/11 pics that I share and I also use 4Images provided through my host.

moto bella.

Hey, where's the little crackers and free champagne?

Three year olds don't play soccer. Three year old run around and act silly. One of the best things three year old can do.

BTW, couple weeks back a three year old girl flirted with me. Amused her mom and I no end.

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Raymond J. Smalley

you are a superstar mama
you might like to read what i wrote about you
on my site today

Oh what a cutie-pie! Nothing more fun than watching little ones play soccer ... pure chaos! Just 1 ball and 20 kids chasing it, unless the goalies get involved of course.