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The Weekly Unappreciated Friday Night Post

One of the reasons I don't like to post on Friday nights is because the lack of comments only serves to remind me that I am likely the only one of us without a nightlife. Well, just in case there's one or two of you out there who spend Friday nights putting an ass shaped dent in your couch, this one's for you.
What? Did you think there was more? Hey, I took the time to make the damn post, the least you could do is move it along. Work with me here, people. Put down the porn and give me something to go on.


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Back at ya on a Friday night.

Well,I don't know how you do it,but I actually don't hold on to the porn itself.

Well, it could be worse...you could be endlessly twiddling your blog templates in a vain attempt to stimulate some glimmer of continued interest in this entire medium...

I'm still at work, but envision no actual life when I get home.

I'm thinking the 4th Firefly DVD might be the ticket. Or a pay-per-view movie. I never seem to rent DVDs anymore -- I either buy it or watch it on PPV. I know, the excitment in my life is mind numbing :)

What's that? Oh ... sorry ... I was distracted by my blog templates. Damn ... I just have this strange feeling that I'm losing interest in this entire medium ...

Hey, I'm here!! No nightlife and no blog either!

T'ain't just you!


I'm here. My husband is off on a work trip. I'm looking for Long Island sites. Specifically, sites that embody the essence of Long Island in the 70s and 80s.

I've found links to cheap johns, crazy eddie, carvel, my high school, examples of big hair, IROCs, images of guidos (okay, my brother), traffic jams on the LIE, the various malls...

Any ideas?


Nightlife? What's nightlife, eh Precious? Is it crunchable, is it tasty?

Sméagol doesn't know nightlife, doesn't want to know. You can keep nasssty nightlife! Sméagol prefers fissshh.

Friday night is alright for blogging and reading.


How about the St. James Hotel, Montauk Highway in Water Mill. And a little "I love Rock and Roll" blaring at 11 while you drink a little something with sloe gin and peach schnapps.

80s enough for ya?


"Put down the porn..."

From my cold dead hands!

I just washed and sterilized baby bottles. It's a party a minute over here... ;-)

Aim and shoot as fast as you can.

Nightlife ! Wait you mean there are actually people who do stuff on Friday night. Next I suppose you'll tell me some people actually go out and watch a movie or just have a few drinks with friends. I'm with Robyn, bottles rock.

If the human tornado/tasmanian devil-thing that sprung from my loins would ever wind down and go to bed, there's a halfway decent chance I could score.

Until then, I plan to sit here with my wireless laptop and upgrade my blogging software to the new release that came out today whilst making (err, adding to) an ass-shaped dent in my recliner. Other than scoring, I can't think of many things I'd rather be doing. I must be getting old.

I can't believe you just asked me to put down my porn - especially after we bonded over antique vibrators the other night!
Heartless bitch.

The Watermill Inn?

I forgot all about that. Thank you!

I also thought about this: Commack Motor Inn

I must add this? Is it still around?

Life? We don't need no steekin' life.

Watermill. Is it still a wedding hall?
Do they have "wedding halls" in any other part of the world? I tried to describe the phenom to my husband just after we were engaged. In the South, they don't hear you...no, they've never heard of wedding halls.

Your 'continuation' was the blogging equivalent of a ten year old girl adorned with pop top nipple rings when one is expecting Latoya Jackson with the real things.



Who needs porn---you are much more satisfying (and I still respect myself in the morning).

I have two teenagers. They have a life.

Choir,piano,jazz band, badminton refs, music theory, music history, driving lessons, french immersion and tomorrow (Saturday)they have chinese lessons. I think there's more.

I'm feeling romantic tonight I think do some taxes.

Since I discovered you via allahpundit I always check on you. You are appreciated. Even on Fridays.

I just figured out why they don't clean their rooms.

I don't respect myself now,will tomorrow be another day?

Dammit. Seki just reminded me that it's too warm for penguins...

It could be worse, you have a shot at getting a full night sleep, which I'm going to be giving up next Friday for a long while.

I'll trade ya: you watch my 8 week old daughter for a while and I'll put an ass-shaped dent in the couch. Oh, heaven.

hell, I'm just glad to be home. grouchy teenagers and all.

Girls are preparing for release of new Bratz dolls tomorrow at ToyzRus. Husband nearly asleep watching tv. I am listening to La Traviata, since I will be going to the opera for the first time next month with a girlfriend as this is one boundary husband will not cross. So yeah, I do nothing on Friday nights too.

I still want to see that opera based on Saturday Night Fever, La Traviol-ta.

happy party furry gerbilloons will entertain you on a slow friday night and completely dissipate any rage you may feel.

or you could go see how a magic 8 ball gets dissected. or something.

Man, I am happy as anything to be home on a Friday night. Ahhh.. home. Hot cup o' tea. Ta hell with nightlife. This is really nice.

Boring as &@%#, ain't I?

I often have the opportunity to post late on Fridays, but it never gets me any traffic. Oh well.

I guess I'm the only one watching "America's Next Top Model".

i was sitting home watching msnbc to see the 3 second airing of my site... that's my excuse for sitting home tonight... as for the other friday nights i am home, saying i wanted to watch Joan of Arcadia just seems sad, doesn't it?

Nightlife? It's just like daylife only with artificial lighting.

Yea, I know it's really Saturday morning by now, but I'm punching in anyway . . .

I just finished watching 4 episodes of season 2 "The Shield" . Couch dent was getting deep so I moved to the computor and found you guys. Nice