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Have Yassin Chris?

Looks like Laurence has met his match in the offensive department. Allah's entry into the wheelchair race: [Update below]
Wheelchair1.jpg I think we have a winner. You know what would be even more offensive? If I put up the mp3 to REM's Superman. Ok, I won't. Update: Allah sends an alternate version: Wheelchair2.jpg *hums*...I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might...


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We've got the Jedi mind shit going on here. I was thinking after I sent this to you that I should have slapped a big "S" on his chest.

I'm gonna go do it.

Bwahahahahahaha! spitting beer on the monitor

I should not be laughing. I should not be laughing. I should not be laughing.

Goddamn, that's funny.

I'm going to roast in hell for laughing.

I knew I should have installed photoshop on this new system.


Oh man. That is so bad!

The demonstration is so deeply wrong that I can't see any humor.

The man turned hundreds of innocent people into cripples - some far worse than he... and we're supposed to feel ashamed that he was killed - because he was a cripple?

There are no people as corrupt and ugly as the Palestinians.

Fine. I'm going with an altered photograph, too. And I'm using an even more lifelike subject that Chris Reeve!

Aw, that's not fair -- not the tastelessness, it's what we expect from Allah.

But the choice of Reeve isn't fair -- he recently travelled to Israel -- in his condition -- and gave great international publicity to the breakthrough scientific research going on here.


So I just wish he'd have picked on a different wheelchair-bound celebrity (!?)

Maybe Stephen Hawking? If the Simpsons can make fun of him so can we!

Timmy is up.

I'll come up with something better later...