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would you like some fries with those rolls, kid?

What's more disturbing: the fact that BBC chose to use a photo of this kid in a story about the McDonald's clothing line: bbbmc.jpg Or that they gave it this file name? [click for supersize images] [via Fark - the happiest place on earth]


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Y'wanna bet the kid's parents sue McDonald's for that, instead of the Feeb (er, I mean Beeb)?

Is that what "Fat Bastard" looked like as a kid?

"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs"

Were there McDonalds in Scotland?

No Rob, that's Rosie O'Donnell as a kid.

"The McDonald's brand has been under fire by healthy-eating groups questioning the merits of eating fast food. "

Oh fucking please. "Merits" of eating fast food??!!! Are there any idiots out there that have some misconception that fast food is nutritionally benficial? The merit of fast food is that it's FAST. If I wanted something healthy I'd...well I'd...oh screw it I'm gonna go get a Meximelt.

Forget Fatty, here's a quiz to get your gums around.


The most disturbing thing is that the kid's parents are allowing their child to overeat this much.

Holy freakin' damn, that's a huge child.


Someone should slap his parents.

The sad thing is, I'm willing to bet that the kid has either a thyroid problem or is on some kind of super-pregnazone.

That kind of fat doesn't happen from stuffing your face.

It's the Michelin boy!

I often wonder what would happen if someone from 100 years ago could magically teleport to 2004 and see these people. What would they think?

it's not like they didn't have fat people back then trent

You just had to invite us to supersize the image, didn't you?

Speaking of fat and the British, here's a description of the traditional British breakfast:

"I take a bite of the sausage. It tastes quite unlike meat. The eggs, which I had ordered poached, are minuscule and rubbery throughout; the yolk is grey. The beans taste like warmed-up, sugared cornflakes.

For a meal so thick with fat, salt and starch, it is oddly bland. It slides down my throat like a wino's tongue, leaving several tablespoons of brown grease in a puddle at the end of the plate (at which point, maybe, the spoon is supposed to come into play). It is not so much disgusting as depressing.

For some people, the food that Bliss represents is like culinary sterling, and the threat to it, in the form of food improvers, a euro of the palate. Carcinogenic cooking gives rise to a nostalgia and a concomitant fear of a threat to British identity. This might taste bad, the thinking goes, but the Brussels sprouts really catch in the throat."

slides down my throat like a wino's tongue

I really have no desire to understand how he knows what a wino's tongue would feel like sliding down his throat.

It's a Guardian link and it's a Guardian thing. You don't want to know.

Look closely at the kid's right wrist, is that a seam? Is he wearing a fat suit? Something about that extended arm just looks unatural to me.

Given that porcine mug of his, I doubt that this kid needs to be wearing a fat suit. Maybe he was going for the muscle look, but his mom f'ed up and bought the wrong costume.

Hm. I look at that photo and I find myself wondering: was the BBC scammed? Or is it trying to scam its readers? Something about that "kid" looks unreal, like it's actually a plastic prop or a bodysuit or something. I've seen very heavy kids, in real life and in pictures. I don't think I've seen one that looked quite like that.

I've seen that picture in ad-busters magazine before. They juxtaposed a picture of poor people coughing out in the cold, with the phrase "1.6 billion dying of failure", followed by the fat mcdonalds picture and the words, "1.6 billion dying of success"

It's an interesting magazine.

Maybe it’s just me, or do other people believe that this boy's life and self-esteem can't be all that great as it is. Then, a worldwide newspaper makes fun his weight also. Yet that's not enough, some of you feel the need to also bash him on a blog. Why?

My guess?

The child has some kind of hormonal imbalance, or is on a medication like Prednisone that can cause extreme weight gain. A "normal" chubby kid doesn't look like that.

If, indeed, there is some underlying medical thing going on there, super-sized shame on the BBC for running that picture - both, for what it's doing to the kid's life, and for misleading the public.

looking at the picture again, it's also possible wolfwalker is right - that it's a kid in a fat suit. Something about the neck/upper chest area doesn't look quite natural.

Of course he looks unnatural. Kid's shouldn't have that much fat!

I actually saw a girl about that age a while back who was a lot heavier. We were at an all-you-can-eat pizza joint. I felt like going up to the parents and asking what they were doing at an buffet. Were they trying to make their daughter's life more difficult? Very bad parenting.

I understand that some people are more prone to gaining weight. But even if this kid has some sort of medical problem, then he shouldn't be eating at McDonalds, or a buffet, or anywhere that is just going to make his medical condition worse. If he does need to take a trip to McD, then at least lose the large cup of sugar. Once again, very bad parenting.

I am so nauseated by the discription of the classic British breakfast, I think I will skip eating lunch entirely.
(brief pause to barf into trash basket)
Thanks so much for that link...