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And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call*

I'm trying to lay off of the armageddon-is-coming/I hate the world posts for today.

Well, let's keep with armageddon for a bit here. Fictional armageddon, that is. Armageddon via zombies.

Who doesn't love a good zombie flick? You've got horror, death, violence and brain chewing. Doesn't get much better than that. Plus, there's always that one asshole you just know is going to get eaten alive at some point and you feel great joy when one of the walking dead tears into the guy's flesh.

If you'll notice, the zombies in the new Dawn of the Dead are flesheaters. Most zombies that I have known have been brain eaters. I suppose, just like any living thing in nature,t he living dead also have various forms of their species.

On the one hand, the brain eaters are very cool because the act of them tearing into someone's head and causing brains and goo to spurt everywhere is a very gratifying moment, worth the price of the movie on its own. Especially if, right before the impact of teeth on skull, the zombie shouts out "BRAAAAAAAIIIIIIIINSSSS!" Gotta love it.

The flesheaters have their postive attributes as well. It takes much longer for a victim to die when attacked by a flesheater. Unlike the eating of brains, in which the first bite usually kills, the eating of skin and bones can cause the victim to linger in agony, watching as his limbs are torn apart by a very hungry zombie. However, that is also the downside. Depending on who the actor/actress is, the screams can really get out of hand and grate on your nerves. That's the reason I prefer braineater zombies. Nice, quiet deaths mean you don't have to listen to any emoting by B-movie actors.

Regardless of what type of zombie you like (and there are other genres, like stiff-walkers vs. runners), just by loving the entirety of the zombie world and the movies that are odes to them makes you somewhat of an expert in the field and, therefore, able to take part in my zombie survey.

For starters, I will introduce you to a few of my favorite zombies and their respective films.

Just a few to get you started.

So, your job. Favorite zombies, zombie movies, zombie species, zombie moments, etc. etc.

[I don't want to start any arguments here, but I will maintain during the entire time of this poll that the deadites from the Evil Dead trilogy are not zombies. They are somewhere between zombies and demons, but not zombies in the true sense of the word.]

Update: It's zombie. It will never be Zomby. Deal with it already!

*"Call Of The Zombie"
Rob Zombie

And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds,
for fear that the devil would chop off their heads


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If a zombie is just a person who is back from the dead, then can we include non-living-flesh-eating, just out-to-get-revenge-on-the-living zombies? I liked Richard Moll in "House".

Brains for dinner, brains for lunch, brains for breakfast, brains for brunch!

Brains at every single meal, why can't we have some guts?!

First skit in Creepshow. Zombie asks "where's my cake?" heh

my favorite zombies are the glow-in-the-dark ones you can get for playing the RPG "board" game, "Zombies!" You get 100 or so in the Bag-O-Zombies.

If you disqualify the Deadites from Evil Dead, then I guess the mutants from The Omega Man are out.

Peter Jackson's 'Dead Alive' is a good zombie flick, but the zombies themselves are nothing special.

Dawn of the Braindead


My favorite zombie is "tarman" from Return of the Living Dead. I wrote about it not long ago.

head gets knocked off with a baseball bat

Dead Alive

Best. horror. movie. ever. (right after ED2)

The return of the dead movies are perfect comedy relief-style zombie movies.

One which never got much attention but is worth a watch- "Ed and His Dead Mother." Slightly different take than Dead Alive, and it's got Ned Beatty and Steve Buscemi.

No favorite zombies, but my choice for favorite zombie movie is "28 Days Later" of course.

Animal rights activists set off the entire course of events and they're the first to be disembowled/chowed upon. How fabulous is that?

A zombie movie that coincides with my fondest dream? Do I need anything more in this lifetime?

I don't think so.


Aside from Zombie Movies, one of my earliest zombie memories was the Hooters song, "All You Zombies."

To this day it takes me back to simpler times.

I've got to go with "Night of the Creeps" as my favorite Zombie flick.

As for movies, it's hard not go for "Shock Waves", a 1977 Peter Cushing/John Caradine flick where Nazi super-soldier zombies sortied out of a sunken hulk to terrozize those stranded on a nearly deserted isle. I don't remeber any brain eating, but uniformed Nazi-zombies pegged the needle on creepy.

Then, of course, there's these Zombies.

I think the Night of the Comet is the most pro-feminist zombie movie every! Chicks who know how to use automatic weapons... gotta love it.

Not that Catherine Mary Stewart has had a huge career, but what ever happened to the other girl, Kelly Maroney?

My favorite zombie movies were the videos taken at some of the ANSWER anti-war protests.

damn, how could I have forgotten...

WILD ZERO is the finest zombie movie ever made.

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf vs an army of the undead. As it says on the promo poster, BRUTALITY OF SCREEN!

How about The Crow? Back from the dead with Kung-Fu grip!

The Crow is, I believe, more of a revenant than a zombie.

My favorite zombie movie is "Return of the Living Dead," and I also wrote about it.

The original "Dawn of the Dead" is great, but for sheer brutality and hopelessness, give me "Day of the Dead."

There's a cool little Australian movie called "Undead" that's making the rounds as well.

Best zombie moment: zombie vs. shark in Fulci's "Zombie."

There weren't any zombies in 28 Days later. All those people were alive. They were infected with the'inhibitor' or some such nonsense--something that allowed their rage free reign. In fact, I believe that the scientist tell the animal activists that the chimps are actually infected WITH rage.

And, am I the only one who noticed amazing similarities to Day of the Dead? The asshole military? the trapped 'zombie'? the let-them-in climax?

Favorite zombies? I like the Return of the Living Dead ones. They'll eat you, and they'll tell you why first. I liked the pierced zombie girl in one of the movies. She kept jabbing things through her skin to keep her mind off eating her boy friend's brains.

And who can forget the memorable line...
"Send more paramedics"

They're very personable zombies.

The Zombie Flanders.

("He was a zombie?")

My boss is a zombie. Now that's what I call scary.

The original "Dawn of the Dead" is great, but for sheer brutality and hopelessness, give me "Day of the Dead."

A couple o' my friends were extras in "Day," and parts (the desolate town scenes) were filmed in my old home town of Ft. Myers, Florida.

One of my friends claims you can see him pretty well in a close up, but I can't tell. He might be lying... you just can't trust the living dead.

I don't know if this qualifies as a zombie or not, but I just loved the guy, in The Prophecy that Christopher Walken forced to be a chauffuer(sp?).

Anybody else looking forward to Shaun of the Dead? Just me, then?

Well, Jack, I guess that depends upon how you define "life." I would have wanted to be hacked up with a machete if I were alive under those circumstances. That "rage" description was simply a cover so it wouldn't be labeled a zombie movie.

C'mon, loosen up the requirements a wee bit and have some fun:) If those things weren't zombies, I don't know what they were. They filled all the other technical requirements for zombies.

And no, you weren't the only one who noticed the similarities.

Kelli Maroney - now there's a blast from the past! She had a long-running, off-again on-again part on the soap "Ryan's Hope," which went under in the late '80s (Maroney was long gone by then though). After that she seems to have dropped off the radar screen completely.

what's in your heeeead?
in your heeeaaaaad

dude. how does one spell that girl's singing, anways?

The jittering Michael Jackson zombie in ROTLD Part 2 was pretty neat. As was the shirtless fat guy zombie in the original 'Dawn' who slides into the fountain like a whale.

/came late to the party, got nothin'.

Of course there's no better zombie movie than "Night of the Living Dead", but I'm partial to "I Walked with a Zombie"--a zombie version of Jane Eyre. No joke!

Anybody out there see THE DEAD NEXT DOOR?

Got a few links for the soon-to-be-undead among us:

The game Pril mentioned, "Zombies!!!" A very fun game.

A couple of other zombie-themed games, "Lord of the Fries" and "Give Me the Brain." These games describe the first few years of my post high-school life very well.

You need to be informed about how to survive the coming zombie takeover... this product will help.

And of course, the company that is taking over the internet zombie market in all categories... brains4zombies.com.

(In this case, however, "all categories" means, well, brains.)

Finally, the most horrifying zombies of all.

Joseph Bueys as a brain eating zombie:


If zombies had pets, it'd be like this Flash animation:


Dude. All this and Mittens t-shirts too!

Does the Reanimator count? I mean, the zombies aren't technically dead, but it's pretty close.

The only zombie movie I've seen is Dead Alive.

ducks Michele's fist

However, I'm planning to go to Dawn of the Dead with people from work either Friday or Saturday after work. So that'll be two zombie movies under my belt. Gotta love midnight showings.

"Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?"

And I'm sorry, but I like my zombies to be flesh-eaters. There's nothing better than watching a tug-of-war between two hungry zombies, fighting over human intestines.

How could I forget Nudist Colony of the Dead?

It was a musical.

Dancing, naked zombies. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it...

I just watched Resident Evil. It was a pretty good Zombie flick, even though it was based on a game.

It had the nastiest of Flesh Eating Zombies. The kind where if you are scratched, you become a zombie yourself.. BWAA!

Ed and His Dead Mother. I thought it was way weird, albeit somewhat amusing.

Dawn of the Dead has to be my fav though (The original), followed the the classic Night of the Living dead, Night of the Comet.

I wanna see the remake of Dawn of the dead, but I don't think I'll get the chance. My wife doesn't get why I like Horror movies so much..lol

The best Zombie of all was Bob from Day of the Dead. A Zombie listening to lovely, lovely Ludwig van? How great.