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In which I make up a story about Frank Miller

Once again, some filler until I get to the real juice today, which will include responses to comments from this post, more Stupid PETA Tricks, and, if you're lucky, a zombie poll. That's in between some rants about Richard Clarke, DU, boy bombers and other wordly adventures. For now, more answers to more questions. David asks: In the series, "That Yellow Bastard," why was that bastard yellow? crayon.gifA: It's a little known fact that Frank Miller originally called the series "That Burnt Umber Bastard," but his editor was afraid they would get sued by Crayola. I mean, everyone knows that Crayola just made up that color, right? What the hell is an umber and why is it burnt? And why did its brother, raw umber, get forced into retirement by Crayola? Who is speaking up for the rights of umbers? Anyhow, Burnt Umber Bastard was out, and Miller decided on yellow to remind him of how his editor was a coward about the whole Crayola thing. And there you have it. Another burning (burnt?) question answered.


I'm just excited by the zombie, er, zomby poll.


Well, I am now enlightened. Thanks, Michele.

Apparently, umber , both raw and burnt, is fancy dirt.

So, if he were that Burnt Umber Bastard, he'd be a dirty bastard at the same time.

I'm beginning to like Burnt Umber Bastard. It sings.