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I'm gonna miss you...

Attention left coasters: American Idol spoiler below.
mattrogers.jpg Matt, you'll always be my American Idol. We had joy, we had fun We had seasons in the sun But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone I need a moment alone.


Dang! I liked him. It won't be on here for a few more hours, but I won't be home to see it.

It is a bunch of crap. "America" got it wrong.

I didn't like him all that much, but I found the vote pretty surprising.

Go John Peter!!!

Not that anyone at Ace of Spades HQ watches this show-- we're guys who don't watch such female-skewing crap -- but if we did watch we'd think the following:

Matt was an interesting and likeable guy who sang the hell out of that opera-bit they always show in his bio package, but who has failed, for the whole run of the show, to actually deliver a first-rate performance, ever. Every week we hoped he'd advance (or, at least, we would if we watched or cared), but the man simply never delivered.

Simon was right (we guess): The country-show was his chance with an idiom that suited him, and he blew it.

We'll miss Matt (hypothetically), but we're at least happy (let's suppose) that the adorable-though-terrified Camille didn't get knocked off this week.

Again, we don't watch this show.

I'm glad -- if I heard about him being in the Rose Bowl even one more time I would have smashed my television. Also, his love/hate thing for Simon was terribly annoying. Oh, and his singing sucked.

I think the girl should have gone instead of Matt. If Latoya London doesn't win this, it's rigged.

I agree on Camille. And Jennifer Hudson should go.

And what's with Diana in the bottom three? I did like how Matt serenaded Simon at the end. LaToya is the best but JonPeter and Fantasia seem to have cult followings. There is a pool at work to guess the final three and I am having a hell of a time figuring this one out.

I am starting to beleive that the whole thing is rigged. How Diana got in the bottom 3 is beyond me. I love Jasmine, but she should be gone. Amy Adams all the way.

I picked Diana to win it all. She's got a great personality and a terrific voice.

I think Clay was in the final three one night last year. The Wed. night shows have to be rigged in order to give the most suspense.

I'm starting to really not like Fantasia.

You have to remember that only the lowest vote receiver gets kicked out. So if you think your person is a lock, you will vote for someone you like to help them. Thus, Diana was considered a lock, and no one voted for her. Next couple weeks she will be safe because all of her fans will make sure they vote 5 times for her, because it scared them.

Clay was never in the bottom 3. Ruben, however, was once. Now, that Roseaca Bowl is gone, let's send Jon Peter Loser next.