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I'm guessing it wasn't a pig

Al Jazeera has the scoop on what really went down when Yasin was killed: bq. A leader of Morocco’s Jewish community has condemned what he describes as the “arrogant” killing by Israel of Hamas founder Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, calling it “an act of bestiality”. Maybe it was a donkey? View image


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I've never heard the word "bestiality" used that way before, but I suppose it's right, technically speaking. After all, the guy was an animal, and now that the Israelis are done with him, he's f***ed.

I just roasted a peep bunny (marshmallow bunny).

After lighting it on fire and eating it's melted skin, I couldn't help thinking of Filler Bunny.

No, it would have qualified as bestiality if they had tied a child to the missile that hit him and filled it full of bolts and screws for good measure.

You hate to see the Israelis copy the Palestinians, but that is the sincerest form of flattery.

Maybe they have their own dictionary? You know, the same one that says the terrorists are "victims".

A fine, fine blog entry. Keep it up!