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Almost Home

They accepted the offer. We go to contract tomorrow. If all goes well the inspectors, etc., we move in May 1st. I never knew it was possible to feel both elation and dread at the same time.


Sing it sister. I'm right there with ya. I just secured my home loan today and I'm feeling pre-emptively poor as a result.

Congrats! Focus on the positive.

I hear ya. I got myself tens of thousands of dollars in debt and call myself a homeowner. Is this a great country or what?!

Think of it as investing in Your Family, Inc. It will be great!

What you are experiencing now is what I have experienced when bidding on some jobs: "The good news is we won! The bad news is we won!"


Excellent news Michele! Now comes the really stressful part. Inspections, procurring financing, credit checks, insurance,yada yada yada... All quite worth it in the end I assure you.
I dont know if NY real estate law is the same as Florida's, but my wife is a realtor and Im sure she'd be glad to help answer any questions you may have.

Congratulations! You'll have a place to call your own, and when you get stressed out.. think of the mortgage interest deduction and that you'll OWN something rather than renting it.

Hey, at least you're buying an existing home instead of building a new one. Now THAT'S stress.

Well... here's something you need to do (found out the hard way). When you go into escrow make sure a search for outstanding loans is done in excruciating detail right upfront. Some people (like the ones I purchased my house from) leave out little details like a defaulted outstanding 2nd mortgage loan, which popped up 3 days before the close of escrow, that may force you to decide to either pay the outstanding balance ($3K in my case) or not purchase the house. The devil is in the details.

Also, pay to have a third party home inspection done (don't know if this is required where you live) and if you can get it purchase a 1 year repair policy that covers things like plumbing and electric. It could save you some $$$.

Good luck :)

Good luck with the house.
I bought my first house in the same month I was sacked/went self employed, (that old half full half empty thing)Tread boldly. Great site

Welcome to being a fellow homeowener in the most overtaxed and overpriced houses area we like to call nassau county

You didn't know elation and dread could combine?

I thought you had a kid?

You'll be fine. Don't worry, be happy. Make sure that they throw in a home warranty for the first year (if they don't want to, get the real estate agent throw it in, or at least meet you 50/50).

I never knew it was possible to feel both elation and dread at the same time.

There's a special place in our bodies just for that sensation...it's the pit of your stomach.

Congratulations to you and your family - owning a home is a feeling like no other. Knowing you can knock down a wall, or paint, or dig up the yard, or change anything you want about it - because it's yours - you'll love it!

Consider all applicable extremities crossed for ya...

Congratulations. I just did this last year - now we're looking to spend every dime we can find in the sofa cushions to ad on a room.


Buying a home is almost like giving birth. The delivery is a pain, but the prize at the end makes it all worth it.

When you make that payment every month, you are investing in you, instead of investing in someone else. It's a good feeling.

We set up our mortgage so instead of paying once a month, we make a smaller payment every two weeks. In the long run, it cuts about 7 years off the length of the mortgage with a substantial savings in interest.

We're pullin for ya ..and ummm you may want to invest in some xanex for the next few weeks.

It is going to be yours and your family's and that's what matters. It is a serious thing you're doing, if you weren't both elated and nervous, something would be wrong.

Congratulations - can't wait to hear about the housewarming party.

Congratulations on the new house!! Foodgoat knows just how you feel. He's happy, but has been popping Advils since he got his bid accepted.

Great for you Michele. I am very happy for you.
How many bedrooms does it have?
The pictures look great.
Owning is always better than renting.

Totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!! You'll just love being an owner, it's such a great feeling.

Wow! Congratulations Michele! You were talking about getting a home awhile ago...I'm glad it's finally here!

Have fun with it!

Congrats! That's great news.

Now, when are you having everyone over for a pizza party?


"I dont know if NY real estate law is the same as Florida's, but my wife is a realtor and I'm sure she'd be glad to help answer any questions you may have."

I'm sure your and your wife's hearts are in the right place, but the law of real property is arguably the legal area that varies the MOST between states. If your wife tried to deal with a transaction outside Florida, I suspect she could be subject to sanctions for violating professional ethics, possibly even putting her license in jeopardy.

To illustrate by analogy, even if I was not a state employee and therefore forbidden from offering legal advice to any private party, I would still not, as a member of the Florida Bar, offer legal advice to Michele; I could arguably be prosecuted criminally by New York for the unlicensed practice of law and, if convicted, be subject to professional discipline in Florida up to and including disbarment.

Sorry to interject with this; congrats, Michele, and good luck!

Congratulations to you and your family, Michele! Just remember to have Justin pull over before you start puking on the way home from the closing. If he's the gentleman I'm sure he is, he'll be kind enough to hold your hair out of your face and try not to laugh at you while doing so. Something about being in debt for 30 years is so puke-inducing!

Also, your new favorite store will be Home Depot and Lowe's. Just a little weird when the guy in the paint department knows you by first name.

Good luck -- so happy for you!