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Link Mining

Things that I bookmarked today: * Ed Moltzen writes his statement to the 9/11 Commission. * Andy has a clever game to play: Name That Tune * I always theorized that all deep sea life is descended from space creatures, most likely Martians. Now they discover that Mars once was a beachfront property. Coincidence? I think not. * For some reason that I don't want to know, Mikey offers up a tribute to Barry Manilow. * The cranky guy has a musical tribute to John Kerry. * Speaking of Crank, make sure you go answer his question over at my SQotD page. * Play Infocom text adventures on AIM. There goes the rest of the evening. Guess I didn't bookmark a whole lot of stuff today. But what's here is of the finest quality and that's what matters.


Zork via AIM?!? I just wet myself...