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questions, commissions and crashes

I just wrote a whole thing about something in regards to your questions. IE crashed. The thing about the thing disappeared. It's ok because I'm busy listening to the 9/11 Commission live on the radio. It's actually pretty interesting if you're into that kind of stuff. So here's what I'm going to do. Because of the overwhelming (yet disquieting) response to my plea for questions, I will be caching them and answering a few each day. And once in a while I will use them for fodder over at the SQotD page. Like right now. So head over there and answer the comics-to-film question while I sit here rivited by Former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen's testimony.


what station are you listening to and do they stream?

WNYC AM 820 - Available in streaming audio. Right now I'm listening to Bob Kerry thanks to the wonders of Windows Media Player.

You can also stream at c-span.org...

What happens when you make microwave popcorn with the wrong side up?

PEAT - I have ALWAYS wondered that! So Michele - what's the answer?

Okay - 10th level Dwarf with a magic shield and a ring of fire immunity versus an angry Burninator..Who survives?